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"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" Teaser Poster!

Sorry this is late, but... Summit Entertainment has unveiled the teaser poster for The Twilight Saga: New Moon!

[Click the image to ENLARGE and see Edward's golden eyes. *wink wink*]

Sooooo... what do you guys think? Rant and rave in the comments!


  1. Clair de Lune said...

    Personally, I like the art style better than Twilight, although I am still not sure if this has more impact than the Twilight teaser.

    They are still soooo photoshopped, though. @_@

    My major problem with it is Edward is at the forefront of the photo even though we all know that New Moon is really all about Jacob and Bella. Looks like they're playing the Love Triangle card this early. However, they must give Jacob the time in New Moon to be a worthy adversary in that triangle so that it will all be believable come Eclipse. So I do hope that in future promotional posters (and in the movie!), they give Jacob his place in the sun.

    Seems like they're also playing the Rob/Edward Card here - like nothing will sell if Rob/Edward completely disappears. I guess this is the time when Marketing has to override the creative side of the project. I don't like it, but that's just a personal opinion, I'm sure many people will disagree.

    That said, I do like the composition of the image of our three characters (even though I object to Edward being at the fore), as well as the over-all composition of the poster. And it's nice to see that they are sticking to very familiar elements with the look of the characters (costumes, hair, etc.)

    And thank goodness there are no weird taglines this time. I remember our local teaser posters messing with the wonderful tagline of the Twilight poster.

    Now if only we can see that MTV clip and we can see if they also stuck to the cool cinematographic look of Twilight! :)

    And, Summit, THANKS FOR THE GREAT JACOB HAIRSTYLE (no weird wig!) Kthnxbai.

  2. Anonymous said...

    i'm liking it a lot.... it's perfect...:)

  3. jasmine said...

    wicked! very nice!

  4. Jei said...

    I think it lacks a certain "spunk" to it, compared to the Twilight poster. Nevertheless, still beautiful!

    I agree with you, Clair. I expected Jacob would be in front of the poster... and then Bella, and then Edward. We all know Edward's leaving already in this book, so I thought him in the background would be appropriate. But what they did... I mean, we can't even see Jacob's whole face.

    Oh, well. Maybe they'd give him more screen time in the movie.

  5. Ronald said...

    I like that they decided to keep Rob's chest hair!

  6. Tweexee said...

    Oh my gosh! This is so amazing!

  7. Anonymous said...


    but he does look better now, without the freaky wig and all. :))

  8. HoneY said...

    I love the overall look but I have few comments. I can't see much of Jacob and I thought he will got this long hair, Edward is quite okay, but Kristen is soo much Kristen, I can't see Bella there. but nevertheless, this is one of the five posters that they will release so yeah that should be good for now. I'm expecting more =)

  9. twilighter_jae17 said...

    This is way better then Twilight's...
    It speaks much of the plot than the poster for twilight. We can feel the tension building between Edward and Jacob... And honestly, Taylor looks better now, without the long hair.

    I was expecting a poster featuring, of course, Bella, Edward and Jacob, with a background of the Volturi and the wolf pack... It's nice having the wolf pack in the background--with all these new beautiful faces (Alex Meraz especially), and I want to see the Volturi so badly... I still hope Ben Barnes got the role of a Volturi vampire...

    All in all, this is one nice poster... I want to have a big print of this!

  10. Anonymous said...

    WOW. I like it. ;) I think it's better than that of twilight's :P

  11. Skyler Max said...

    They all look great. Seeing the poster made me really excited to see it this November. Now that's something a TEASER poster is supposed to do.

  12. Nacee said...

    At first glance, I could say I liked it. But when I start observing it very closely, and even zooming it (Lol), I tend to look too much into it and see the flaws and everything.

    What I hate about this poster is that they are sort of implying that there's this love triangle going on among the 3 when, we (the fans who have read the book!), know that there is none.. until Eclipse.

    I agree, there's waay too much photoshop going on, but this much, I could say, is that the New Moon poster is so much better than Twilight's.

    As for Robert being in front. Well, I guess there's no surprise there! Robert Pattinson sells. Everything with his face on it equals moneeyy. It's just marketing strategy. Haha.

    And I don't know if it's just me, but Jacob's just not doing it for me. I mean, wtf is wrong with his face?! And his arms?! I know he's "Mr. Buffed Up Body" and all, but it just looks so... bloated?

    Kristen, on the other hand, well what can I say? I think she's gorgeous. Really. But I don't know if she has that 'Bella look' going on in that poster. She's hot though. Lol.

    And one more thing I like to point out.. I wish Bella wasn't holding on to Jacob!! I don't know if it's because I'm an E/B shipper. But it just seems like she's choosing Jacob over Edward, (hence, the "love triangle" they're trying to portray..) when in the book, Edward is ALL that she could think about.. :((

    Well, okay, rant's finished. But, eh, the poster's okay, I guess. I'll just look at the bright side and think that this poster's much better than Twilight! I don't even know why I'm making such a big deal about this freakin' poster! Lol.

  13. austenfan said...

    Oh gosh, I love it! But yeah, it looks a a bit too Photoshopped. :p

  14. Anonymous said...

    I love how Jacob looks in the pic; with his clenched hand. He also looked like he was so protective of Bella. Like, he's saying to Edward: Dude, back off or you're dead. Ah...I can't wait til I see the movie!

  15. sheena said...

    mm,it's nice..but for me, some fan made posters are much better than this=) *just in my opinion*

    and btw,just wanna inform you guys,on may 30 it's an MTV movie awards, they are going to show us the mini trailer of new moon..i really can't wait..=))

  16. myeth said...

    i agree with what claire de lune said. they're playing the love triangle a bit earlier than they should. the way i look at it, twilight is about edward and bella, new moon is about jacob and bella, eclipse is about edward, bella and jacob (the love triangle, emphasized) while breaking dawn is about edward, bella and nessie.

    if they play up the love triangle this early in the posters, i wonder what they'd do with the eclipse poster???

    the photoshop thing? i dunno, i guess it's really nothing new with me. i mean, look at the magazines nowadays, everything's photoshopped already.

    lastly, i also thought jacob had long hair. guess, i have to re-read new moon again to check. hehehe!!!

  17. lexaprone said...

    Yeah marketing machine at work.

    For CDL and some of us who would like Summit to keep the artistic integrity and authenticity of the books, the poster--and I reckon the subsequent marketing moves--is a sellout.

    But we're only human, right?
    I, for one, stared at the poster for hours (ok, I did go to the little girls room several times), thought one thing, changed my mind, and then this revelation:

    I LIKE IT. :)

  18. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    How come they did not remove Taylor's shirt? Hahahaha :))

    I think it's too typical. A friend sent me fan-made NM posters 2 months ago and the teaser poster looks just the same, especially the chrome color.

    But yes, I have to agree with CdL. Good job for not including Jake's bushy hair.

  19. Jacke said...


    I didn't like it. I think the color blends too well though.

  20. Anonymous said...

    definetly better than twilight, but still lacking something.. i think Rob's in the front to signify his 'leaving'. kristen looks weird though, I didnt get her. Taylor's yummy :) and I agree, he's way better without the wig :)

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