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News Round-Up: 3 June 2009

After releasing the teaser trailer last Monday, Summit Entertainment has now let loose on the internet 3 stills from The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

[Oh My Carlisle, I love your make-up. Can't say the same for Edward. Jacob has me speechless. I am going to jail. -Clair de Lune]

You can find higher-res untagged versions of these stills via Twilight Sweden here. TCP will update our Multiply photo albums and video gallery this weekend.

Rob Pattinson seems to be one of film executive Harvey Weinstein's choices for a new Mafia project he is working on. Rob as a gangster, anyone?

Twilight Italia also has an exclusive video of the Press Conference in Montepulciano held last May 25th with Chris Weitz and members of the crew. Click here to view the video from the conference.


  1. Thea said...

    There's already a casting call for eclipse! Don't you think Camilla Belle is perfect for Leah Clearwater?:)

  2. edwardlovesjec said...

    is there any photos of alice yet
    i am dying to see her new hair
    i love her so much
    and ashley greene as well

  3. Jacob Lover said...

    Oh My Jacob !
    I definitely love you when you're shirtless ! I'm dying to see you !

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