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News Round-Up: 4 June 2009

Lots of news articles today coming from MTV in the wake of the movie awards:

MTV captured 50 stills from the New Moon trailer and posted them up as a slideshow. Click here to satisfy the nitpicking fan in you.

At last week's BookExpo America, MTV spotted more vampire-related books that might soon be making their way into your favorite local bookstores. If you're into the genre, click here to check out what's in store for you.

Catherine Hardwicke is set to direct a contemporary version of Hamlet starring Emile Hirsch. MTV, however, has a fun speculation ongoing for which roles the Twilight cast might be fit for if they ever join Hardwicke's cast. Once again, please note that this is just fun speculation on MTV's part.

Rob Pattinson says he wants to keep New Moon a surprise for himself but promises that from what he's seen of the dailies, the film should look "amazing".

Paramore's Hayley Williams told MTV that they are not the "Twilight House Band", and that they would like to see other artists contribute songs for the movies. Is this the last we'll hear of Paramore in connection to the Twilight Saga? I personally hope not.

Access Hollywood sent us another goodie today in the form of this behind-the-scenes video of Jacob's transformation:

Thanks once again to Rachel of Access Hollywood.


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