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Comic Con New Moon Cast Portraits at EW.com

Comic Con cast portraits are probably tradition now at EW.com, and they've got three of the main New Moon stars at the moment. One a half-body shot of Ashley, Rob, Kristen and Taylor, another a full-body group shot of the four of them. Notice how Kristen and Rob are both comfortably sporting the grunge look, well, with KStew being more Joan Jett than Bella at the moment. (For people who have been asking, she's still not finished filming The Runaways, thus her style.) Check them out here!

And the reason why I made this impromptu blog post...

Rachelle Lefevre. Hugging a Rob-on-the-cover-of-Entertainment-Weekly pillow. (Haha! So that was a Rob pillow beside Chris Weitz!) Aw. So cute! :)


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