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News Round-Up: July 24, 2009

Yes, we know you've been to the movie site, but hopefully you've been to it after it was launched as the official New Moon movie site, complete with new stills from the movie, desktop wallpapers, and short bios all integrated into an interactive rotating flash page. To prove that it's really not all about the Cullens anymore, you can choose to explore characters from both the vamp house and the La Push Reservation, as the Cullen crest now shares equal exposure with the wolves' tribal tattoo. Edward or Jacob? Vampire or werewolf? Do you stick with the cold ones or run with the shapeshifters? Hm, it's almost like being in Bella's shoes, as cheesy as that sounds.

Oh, and before I forget, the site can be accessed through the old twilightthemovie.com url as well. :)

Today is also New Moon panel day for the San Diego Comic Con. Very curious as to whether the chaos from last year will be repeated. Anyway, sadly, due to our proximity from the event venue, we can only point you out to sites:

Hitfix has a liveblog rundown on the press conference with Rob, KStew and Taylor, which, from their timeline, lasted for less than an hour. I'd like to note this bit:

10:10 a.m. Taylor and Kristen both have fond memories of their "breakup" scene, which was shot in 35 degrees with artificial rain. "That was bad and I wasn't really wearing much," Taylor says.

10:12 a.m. "I think my breakup scene was my favorite scene," Pattinson says of the five-page dialogue sequence that's distanced from the other supernatural aspects in the story. "Hopefully it will come off as having quite a few more levels than the relationship in 'Twilight.'"

Found it funny for some reason, that they favor their breakup scenes. Now I'm looking forward to those, since they seem to like them so much. Will they deliver? (Rob, I hope you fixed those facial expressions.)

ET Online has a livestreaming video of the panel (which is experiencing technical difficulties as I'm writing this... huh...) and promise video clips to be available on their site afterwards. We'll be linking their urls here, too, once they're up.

Of course, MTV has its own coverage: Here's their rundown of what to expect, and a small linked feature on how Twilighters camped out in anticipation of the New Moon panel, complete with Edward Cullen blanket.

And since we again have come to the subject of merchandise, Comic Con uncovered some gems in the fangirl's next quest for memorabilia: new action figures of Jacob, Edward, Bella and Alice and a smattering of other stuff emblazoned with, not just the Cullen crest or the wolf tattoo, but the emblem of the Volturi. You can see them on the newmoonmovie.org site here and here. Or get an envious glance at some of the other products from this year's SDCC on Superherohype here.

Thanks to Rome for the info on the New Moon site.


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