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Fan Report: Filipino Twilight Fan in Montepulciano Shoot

(This is again another delayed post so apologies to those who have been waiting for it :D )

Here in TCP we always get excited whenever we hear stories from Pinoy fans regarding any amazing Twilight experience. The latest you've heard about was the two lucky Filipinos who got to meet the Twilight cast (and won the raffle to meet Rob face to face) during the Twilight promotional tour in Tokyo a few months ago. Now, here's another Pinoy Twilight experience I'm sure we'll all be envious about: Amala Thea (Jacke), a TCP member who is now based in Italy, got to be an EXTRA in the Montepulciano shoot!

She and other Twilight fans got together and went to Montepulciano hoping to see the production and of course catch anyone from the cast. What they did not expect is that they just got there in time for recruiting the volunteers to be extras in the movie.

Extras being called. We were grouped into 50s or more, as usual we stayed behind. When we were directed to the Piazza, we were at awe to see that our spot is in the very front of the church is near the baldacchino (bal-dah-ki-noh)- where the statue of St. Marcus is placed to be carried around - and the people doing the noble procession. The 4 of us were smiling, staring knowingly at each other that we have a big chance to be seen on the silver screen. LOL I know that is a very shallow thought but who doesn't want to be seen in a movie, especially in his/her favorite one? I was like, "I have an identifying mark girls!" Since we need to wear our hoods, there is no way to identify ourselves unless your hood accidentally drop or you have an identifying mark. (I have a white bandage on my left wrist which I use to wave my little flag I know it is not that big but who knows right?) Along the way, I noticed there are like 4 designs of the coat of arms. I was actually expecting they will make a coat of arms in honor of St. Marcus, just like the Cullen's coat of arms

Kristen's double, Azzura, came forward. She is pretty and petite and looks quite well like Kristen from afar. Azzura is doing Bella's run from the alley to the fountain for the extras to know where and when should they open and close the path. The real Kristen arrived wearing dark green long-sleeved shirt, she gave a short wave to the extras. First shot of the day will be Bella's run and they rehearsed with Kristen for like 3 times. All we have to do was wave those little red flags, allegria... allegria!!! Chris Weitz was also there going in and out of the crowd. Bella's run was shot for like 5 times, I think. After each take, Kristen apologetically walked up to the crowd, saying sorry for those who she have had pushed so hard just to get through. It was really nice of her, really. Had it been another, maybe that actress might not have even stopped.

Get to read Amala Thea's experience (including the part where they painstakingly try to not peek at shirtless Rob during filming) in her detailed account, along with the pictures from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 from her Montepulciano trip. You can see her encounters with some of the cast members, the yellow Porsche (we screamed when we saw this w/ the TCP logo, hehe), and the sites used for filming.

Thanks to Amala Thea and her friends for sharing their experiences and photos, not to mention bringing the roving TCP logo to the shoot (we'd like to pretend that the logo traveled from Seattle to Montepulciano).


  1. Ricardo Raphael said...

    This is cool. Kudos TCP! :)

  2. TIKisokA said...

    huwow! it's cool seeing the TCP logo with the porsche =P

  3. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    Way to go, Jacke! I'm so happy for you and the other lucky Twilighters. So, would that mean, we'll see you in the big screen?

    Naks! :)

    PS I love the Porsche picture!

  4. angel said...

    the TCP logo with the Porsche and church reminds me of Travelocity's roaming gnome. lol. =)

  5. Jacke said...

    Wish ko lang na makita noh? Nakita ko almost 2mins lang ung Volterra scene eh.

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