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The Volturi have surfaced!

Online, that is. Seems like the Volturi couldn't keep themselves hidden for long. Hot off the Hollywood gossip sites this morning is a scoop on what looks to be a very authentic, very long-awaited first view of that very elusive royal vampire clan.

The "leaked scoop" includes headshots of the majestic trio, Aro, Marcus and Caius, and vamp twins Jane and Alec, over the Volturi crest. Still kind of on-the-fence about JCB's Caius (although we know one person who fully supports him!) I love Dakota Fanning! She is really rocking her role!

Unfortunately, due to the current status of the leaked pics, they cannot be put up on the site at the moment. (Or the Volturi will have our heads. Yikes.)

But if you have chanced upon the screenie, what do you think? Was Michael Sheen how you expected as Aro? How about young Jamie Campbell-Bower pulling off a supposedly-thousand-year-old Caius? Does it look like Chris Weitz went for the onion-skinned creepiness or the regality of true monarchs? And where are sexy hunks Felix and Demetri? Share your thoughts on the comments!


  1. Melissa said...

    Yes, finally! I'm sooo loving Michael Sheen in his look and Heyerdahl is just downright scary. Dakota's look is very effective, as if you could feel her eyes boring into your head. Oh, and the crest (coat of arms) is very cool, I could see future merchandise/collectibles from it.

  2. Ronald said...

    I wanna climb JCB like a spider-monkey.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Saw it on Perez. So scary and regal! Fantastic!

  4. Jei said...

    Wow. The picture makes me want to be a member of the Volturi. Hehe.

    I like that Weitz made them look scary and beautiful. Marcus looks the scariest, for me.

    Jane, I feel, lacks more cuteness... I think. But yeah, the look works.

    JCB still looks young. Hmm...

    I agree with Melissa about the crest. I think they'll be making goodies with the crest on it. And I might buy one. ^_^

  5. Jacke said...

    Jamie looks a bit off sa Volturi family. He reminds me of Lestat. XD He is one gorgeous Volturi. ;))

  6. Anonymous said...

    can anyone tell me which photo this is? because a lot keep popping up when i search it.. :)
    a brief detailed description would be lovely :)

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