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Breaking Dawn Special Edition Now Available!

UPDATE: (8:00PM): The special edition is also available in National Bookstore Megamall for Php965.
We just got word that the special edition of Breaking Dawn is now available in Powerbooks Megamall for Php945. The special edition contains the Breaking Dawn hardcover and includes the following:

* An exclusive Breaking Dawn concert series DVD
* A limited-edition, full-color Bella & Edward poster (on reverse side of book jacket)
* "and more" --> (this is what our sources say in the sticker, we would like to believe it is in line with the product description in Amazon but we're sticking with what our sources see so far). UPDATE (6:30PM): The special ed contains the same specs as the one in Amazon.

So make sure to secure a copy at once, since we are assuming that only limited copies of the Special Edition will be available locally. Also let us know at twilightcoven(at)gmail(dot)com if you have other sightings of the special ed.

Thanks to Claire and Echo for the info!


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    the BD special edition is a collector's must...the edward and bella poster is like a teaser for the twilight graphic novel. the guy from powerbooks says that these are limited only so you guys go and get your copies now.

  2. Jei said...

    The hardcover BD, is it the same as the previous hardcover edition? I mean, not like the Twilight collector's ed or anything?

  3. Echo said...

    This seems to be in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the release of Breaking Dawn here in the Philippines as this was released last Tuesday, August 4. The Powerbooks guy said that this is available in all branches... we just don't know about the other National Book Store branches...

  4. twilightangel2026 said...

    just to clarify...the BD special edition is not the collector's edition. it's a hardbound copy with special add ins in celebration of BD's first year release anniversary. as mentioned in the topic post it has a dvd copy of the BD concert series, a personal handwritten lyrics of My Never and a poster of Edward and Bella (the graphic novel Edward and Bella). hope this helps =)

  5. Thea said...

    Have yours reserved na.:) It's sold out in Fully Booked The Block, though.

  6. eviveneg said...

    bought mine in powerbooks-greenbelt. there were a few left around 5 pm. :)

  7. bea said...

    I bought mine 2 days ago at Powerbooks Alabang, a few copies were still left. I took photos of the BD Special edition:)






  8. LowieDee said...

    my hubby got mine at Powerbooks-Greenbelt today. It's already out-of-stock at their Megamall branch. Question though, will there be a New Moon Collector's Edition and when will it be available here?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. vec_13 said...

    the BD special edition is also available in national bookstore located at festival mall in alabang...the copies that i've seen were only at i think no more than 20...so i think you should get your copies now...the last time i checked is august 9...^^

  10. iyah said...

    many bookstores already had this edition, like powerbooks & national bookstore at trinoma.

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