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News Round-Up: 6 August 2009

News from the Twilight Lexicon and Jodelle Ferland's Official fansite confirms the actress' involvement with third movie, Eclipse:
Its official! Jodelle has been cast in the Twilight Saga, The 3rd Film, Eclipse! she will playing The Newborn Vampire! We are really excited for her. How so many of you had petitioned for Jodelle to be cast as Jane, and now she gets to work alongside the cast and Dakota Fanning who was cast as Jane for New Moon.
And if you haven't checked out Jodelle Ferland's Twitter account yet, she excitedly confirmed it herself:
Oh by the way, the secret that I told everybody about yesterday is now all over the web so I may as well say it. I'm going to be in Eclipse!
Congratulations and welcome to the crazy world of Twilight, Jodelle! :)

In other news, Paramore's "Decode" has been nominated for BEST ROCK VIDEO in the MTV Video Music Awards. So, give them some love and vote! They're up against some very tough competition from Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Green Day and Kings of Leon.

ETOnline has an interview with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who's currently working on Eclipse, same as everyone. They couldn't resist asking her opinion about Rachelle's departure:
ET: What do you think of the recasting of Rachelle Lefevre?

Melissa Rosenberg: I love Rachelle, but Bryce Dallas Howard? It was a shame, but I think Rachelle will go on to do brilliant things. I just love her. I am sure Bryce will be great.
Link to the short interview here.

Twilight Tweeters
Was prowling the twitter world this morning. Sharing some cast tweets:

billy_burke: On the set of the indy movie i'm squeezing in before Eclipse. The guy I'm playing could kick a vampire's ass with his mind. (and a lunchbox)

RachelleLefevre: "Funny People" is a great film if you haven't seen it. Really funny and very touching. Highly recommended.

peterfacinelli: Just finished two hours of fight training for Eclipse. Now if anyone messes with me I can pretend to kick their ass really well.

jodellemicah: In all the excitement of finally being allowed to say I'm in Eclipse, I forgot to have breakfast. My stomach is reminding me. ;)


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