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News Round-Up: 5 August 2009

With New Moon looming on the horizon, Eclipse, apparently, isn't very far behind.

Variety.com reports a new addition to the Eclipse cast: Jodelle Ferland. No details on who she's playing, except that it will be a "vampire who has been turned". Maybe we're seeing our future Bree? What do you think?

In any case, if she's joining the Twilight franchise, maybe you'll be interested in following her twitter account, where she shares this little tidbit. Hmm... curiouser and curiouser. Gotta expect another Summit announcement in the next few days.

As for the rest of the cast, they have landed in Vancouver, everyone! Kellan, Elizabeth, Nikki, Ashley, as well as Twilight newbies, Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel, were caught on cam arriving at the airport. Pictures are here on Twilight Indonesia. No Kristen and Robert sightings yet, however, RobPattzNews on Twitter has spotted him at LAX, so at least he's back from New York!

Rachelle Lefevre is auctioning Twilight items, some signed by the rest of her castmates, for favored charity School on Wheels. She is also donating $100 to Susan G. Komen for The Cure (breast cancer research) for every 10,000 people who follow her on Twitter. More here.

Though we've been deprived of MTV's Twilight Tuesdays this year, they still continue to look for Twilight stuff for us fans. At TwiCon, they caught up with Jackson Rathbone, who described a bit more of New Moon's "intense birthday scene".
Rathbone: Yeah, there's a little bit more violence. It's definitely longer. It's really about the moment where Bella is realizing what kind of world she's into. We spent the entire time with "Twilight" delving into the vampire world, but now in "New Moon," it's like you're in the vampire world, and what happens when you get a paper cut? What happens when everyone you love turns around on you and suddenly could kill you? She's in that world right now, and she's kind of scared by it. She's also getting into the werewolf world, and suddenly she's got these two new worlds on her — and there's love in both. It's an amazing script.
Remember how Chris Weitz said there are no nude Volturi in New Moon. Let's have another go at it: There's No Nudity in New Moon.

My fellow admins are going to absolutely LOVE this, but, in Danag Podcast Episode 16, we touched up on how Taylor must have convinced Chris Weitz to let him play Jacob, and see how close we were:
Weitz: When I first met with him, I took off my shirt and I said, "You've got two months to look this good." And he said, "I'm willing to try that." Finally, he came back, and the results were just about as good as my abs.

: You must have a real six-pack.
He also mentioned Dakota's acting prowess and how they wanted "force-ghost" Edward to turn out... which isn't so "force-ghostey", we hope. Read more here.

He may not be a werewolf, but "Emmett", Kellan Lutz, can definitely hold his own among Jacob and his team, abs-wise (Vampire represent!), and he didn't have to show it to Chris Weitz! His secret to maintaining his physique on MSNBC.com here.


Curious about the 2010 New Moon calendar? MTV has a peek at all the gorgeousness here.

Recently, Stephenie Meyer has again been accused of plagiarism. Jordan Scott alleged that a lot of scenes from Breaking Dawn matched up to an online piece of fiction she wrote when she was 15 years old, among them, the wedding, the baby, and the fact that both heroes call their heroines "love".
Hachette Book Group said in a statement that Meyer's books "have been a phenomenal sensation" and that "it shouldn't be surprising to hear that other people may seek to ride the coattails of such success."
More on this piece of news here on EOnline and MSNBC.


  1. Ella said...

    Will the 2010 New Moon calendar be available here in the Phils? :)

  2. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    This makes me wonder how Kellan Lutz did his audition... *swoon* :P

  3. minamic said...


    I'm not sure. But apparently, the calendar is a NECA one. It's sold by American bookstore Borders (http://www.borders.com/online/store/TitleDetail?sku=1933000538) but isn't an exclusive Borders merchandise like last year's. (Their "exclusive calendar" is this one: http://www.borders.com/online/store/TitleDetail?sku=193300035X).

    So maybe there's a possibility a local store here will import the calendar. 2Rats sold some Twilight merchandise--umbrella, jigsaw puzzle mat, the Edward Cullen action figures--so they might have the calendar in stock, too. :) Will try asking when near a store.

  4. Ella said...

    Alright. Let me know if you found out. :)

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