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Fan Feedback: New Moon Promotional Events

We all know that New Moon is only a few months from now, and while the administrators of Twilight Coven Philippines are thinking (and dreaming) of activities on TCP's end to celebrate the release of the film, we want to hear YOUR comments and suggestions! So what we're asking is:

If we were to celebrate the release of the New Moon film, what kind of activities would you like to have?

And thought your gut instinct tells you to say an advanced screening/premiere, do let us know of other possible activities, big or small, unless you're willing to give us money for a premiere ;) Post away in the comments section of this entry :D

We're not promising that we'll be able to put up a grand event or execute all of your suggestions. For now, we really just want to know what you want. But rest assured that we will give this our best shot and we will try to organize something so that we can celebrate the movie together.


  1. Ella said...

    Games! :)
    And I really want the cast to come here. Don't know if that's possible. Haha. :))

  2. Thea said...

    Let's see if the actual distributor can actually have a premiere for us! :)
    If not, I suggest that if there would be a premiere, we watch it together.

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    Premiere? Show us the money! LOL. A premiere could set us back as much as Php300K. Wala pa bang nananalo ng lotto dyan? :P

  4. rainmine said...

    maybe a small convention like what happened for the launch of BD, i think that would be nice..:D

  5. Thea said...

    Tumaya na tayo.. haha.:))
    Sana magpa premiere ulit sina Cesca from last year. Get together nalang nuod tayong mga Twilighters.

  6. twilightangel2026 said...

    for the love of twilight, why don't we have a simple get together filled with games, some exhibit maybe (wink wink)discussions, etc.

  7. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    I think the best thing we can do to celebrate the release of NM is to do a "salubong" (sound like semana santa to me) of some sort. A small get together would do. Maybe we can always do a video coverage about out gathering. That way, we can show all the Twilighters in the world how Filipino-TwiFans celebrate the release of New Moon. :)

  8. Anonymous said...

    Hi TCP you guys are doing a great job! Ijust want to suggest that maybe we could also have a kind of New Moon concert with local bands playing something that's related to the theme of New Moon. They did that in the States with Breaking Dawn and Blue October played My Never and it totally reminded me of Jacob Black.

  9. myeth said...

    i agree with the get together, i'm all for the games and discussions... also it's nice to put a face on all those names i read at the forum page...

  10. Clair de Lune said...

    If we can swing it (and that's a big IF), would you guys mind paying for tickets to a block screening on the first day of NM? Not an advance screening, ha, mahal yun. Hehe. Again, this is a big IF, we just want to know what you guys want and are willing to go and spend for. :D

  11. Karla said...

    Hi TCP!!

    A small party or a get together at the day of the movie. :P before watching it we could have games and discussions and then after the movie, wuhoo!, we could discuss how it turned out. yihee. or maybe the reactions about the movie. excited. GAMES! GAMES!


  12. fressia said...

    yeah a simple get together so we'll know each other and probably a prize or token [poster or pins (?)] for the first 50 early comers.....(?)

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