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News Round-Up: 14 August 2009

The Entertainment Weekly cover which features both Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner can already be viewed online. EW also posted a preview for this cover story in their upcoming Fall Movie Preview issue.

In an MTV interview with Brett Ratner, filmmaker of the screen adaptation of Youngblood, he cites Robert Pattinson as one of the actors he has in mind for the cast of the film. Youngblood is a comic book series created by Rob Liefeld.

As most of us cannot seem to shake the images of the wolf pack's torsos out of our minds (and seriously, why bother?), here's an interview of OK! Magazine with Chaske Spencer during a charity event. He gives a picture on how members in the wolf pack maintain their shape.

Paramore's video of Decode is nominated for Best Rock Video for the MTV Video Music Awards. Click here to vote!

For a fun read, check this article from New York Times on hairstyles. Robert Pattinson was especially mentioned (this reminds me of the Danag Episode 5 days...-mabelletaka).


  1. lexaprone said...

    Youngblood? Tried an issue. Didn't like it. But that's just me.
    I would really love to see Gaiman's Sandman become the next big movie franchise. Rob P. as the god of dreams...doesn't that make more sense?

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Lexaprone wrote: "Rob P. as the god of dreams...doesn't that make more sense?"

    I'm sorry, NO. I love you, but not Rob, noooooo. :D :D :D That's just me, though. I don't think The Sandman as a series would ever see the light of film/TV.

  3. lexaprone said...

    CDL, bakit naman? He he. But you're right. Sandman is sacred ground. No one--no director, no actor--would dare.:)

  4. Rome said...

    Getting my copy of this mag soon! XD

  5. Anonymous said...

    the magazine is now available in most bookstores and magazine stands. got mine yesterday, august 18. :)

  6. Rome said...

    Got my copy today! XD

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