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News Round-Up: 13 August 2009

Those who would not mind getting their EQ shot would be excited over a leak of the New Moon trailer which was online since yesterday in French. MTV reports that a new scene in this trailer which was not previously released is a look at Dakota Fanning as Jane (I won't mention other scenes I saw in case you don't want to be spoiled - mabelletaka). Summit Entertainment is reported to be pulling out the videos online due to copyright claims.

Speaking of new scenes, Empire posted an announcement that two new scenes from New Moon will be shown during the weekend at Movie-Con II. Hopefully, we also get to see footages of the event online so that us non-US fans can get in the action. Empire says that these two new scenes include 1.) brooding and 2.) pining for an absent true love. So just speculate on what those two scenes might be!

ET showed behind the scenes footage on Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner's photoshoot for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. You can watch the video here.

As we reported, Jack Huston is set to play Royce King II in New Moon. Get to know more about him and his upcoming projects here.


  1. Anonymous said...

    just saw it.. it was amazing..!!!! it doesn't really looks like a trailer.. just a glimpse of wolfpack,jane and victoria.. a lot of jacob though.. and i think jacob and bella will kiss in the movie..

    users @ youtube uploads it every hour.. i just saw the one with english sub

  2. twilightangel2026 said...

    yey! things are beginning to pick up now. goodbye to those months of agony waiting for any news on New Moon, hello daily updates hehehe. NM news just keep on coming and makes us die-hard twilight fans screaming for more. thanks TCP adim for the daily adrenaline rush =P

  3. Ella said...

    I saw it ! But is that really the trailer ? It's just sorta like a "preview".

  4. TIKisokA said...

    yah! saw the trailer too!
    and i loved the last part because of the glimpses of the new characters!
    and of course love the wolf pack!
    teens will squeal in theaters! i can hear it now haha

    (SPOILER: tho the movie seems to be quite diff like in the book coz bella and jacob kiss in eclipse right?)

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