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News Round-Up: August 20, 2009

Fandango recently posted the second part of their New Moon set visit. They were able to view rehearsals for a Volturi scene, where Jane unintentionally (then intentionally) "tortures" Edward, and Bella looks on in horror. The article described the process the actors went through, and a bit of their facial expressions. (It's actually a bit spoilerish... for that one scene anyway.) The writer was even able to meet with Melissa Rosenberg and series author Stephenie Meyer! Here's a peek:
Pattinson stops in his tracks, arches his head back and expresses a look of excruciating pain. He lets out a grunt, the wires pull him back, and then drop him on his back. A camera that's zoomed in on Jane's face shows her red eyes widen and follow him to the spot on the ground where he falls. She hardly blinks. As Bella begs her to stop, Jane keeps staring, and her lips curve into a faint, smug smile.
Along with the set visit was their exclusive interview with Jamie Campbell Bower.

Chris Weitz's brother, fellow director, Paul Weitz, was interviewed about the uncanny timing which has both them working on different vampire movies. Read it here.

Taylor's New Moon wolf pack brother, Kiowa Gordon, shared a special scene in New Moon that they fondly call "the muffin scene", which, apparently, Taylor didn't partake in.
"When they were eating their funny little muffins, I was standing in the back, all pissed off," Lautner said of the scene, which depicts Jacob as not being too thrilled with the whole imprinting/ turning-into-a-wolf drama. "So I just got to watch them eat their muffins."
And something I found really cute: Kelly Clarkson, who has been very open about her love of Twilight, sang to a cardboard cutout of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen at a concert in Illinois. More on it as well as her thoughts on being a potential artist on the movie soundtrack here.

And thanks to the special people in youtube, you can watch a clip of that part of the concert here. :)

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner shared that they would like to go on American Idol and sing Taylor Swift's "Love Story". The pair showed off their camaraderie while being interviewed during their Entertainment Weekly cover photoshoot. Kristen was particularly light and carefree, a welcome change to the (sexual) tension that seems to persist whenever RPattz is around... Sorry! I just had to go off on a tabloid tangent there.

Anyway, Taylor and Kristen's video interview can be viewed here on EW.com.

While Summit and the Eclipse staff probably haven't even exactly finalized sets for the third movie yet, except apparently for this one for Jasper's flashback scene, people are already needing reassurance for a fourth movie. This article on EOnline says that YES, there will be a Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

HitFix.com has a treat in the form of audio interviews with some of the New Moon cast--Taylor, Rachelle Lefevre, Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower, Cameron Bright, Charlie Bewley--as well as staff--screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, producer Wyck Godfrey, and stunt coordinator Cam Waldbauer.

Fandom News
Summit has partnered with Creation Entertainment to organize a host of Twilight fan conventions set for the next three years. The first one is set for August 28, in New Jersey, according to Examiner.com. We also posted the news release from Summit. You can read it here.

Uh oh, someone's fed up with the haters. Twilight Examiner Amanda Bell decided to write about her frustration with the media making fun of the fan community just to get them to visit sites or read their posts. (Truly, that is the nature of media: to "sensationalize" and prod people to get a reaction. Negative publicity is still publicity. Sad but true.)

In the latter parts of her piece, she defends:
Twilight fans are not stupid. They are not a definite sub-class or counterculture. They are a diverse group of people, including highly intellectual men and women, who prefer the series for one reason or another - albeit at times, yes, the beauty of the actors and actresses is a part of it. They don't need to be tormented by the vicious tongues of writers who disagree with their opinions, and they certainly do not need to be categorized as infantile, insatiable, and unreasonable. Instead, perhaps a little respect can be shown by writers by presenting fans with unadulterated information and facts - sans the misbegotten humor ploys.
Bravo, Amanda Bell, for being brave enough to stand up to the closed-minded ones. :) You can read the rest of her article here.


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