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Exclusive Edition for Female Force Stephenie Meyer also in production

Thanks to Darren of Bluewater Productions for this press release.

Bluewater, Dazzled By Twilight to issue exclusive version of “Female Force: Stephenie Meyer”

Bluewater Productions and Twilight-inspired retailer Dazzled by Twilight announced the production of an exclusive edition for the upcoming release of “Female Force Stephenie Meyer.”

Dazzled by Twilight, the largest retailer in Forks, Washington, the town where the fictional characters of Stephenie Meyer’s wildly popular Twilight saga takes place will be the only resource to buy limited-run 32-page version of the Meyer’s biography comic featuring a custom, alternate cover. A special edition poster of the cover will also be available through the store.

“Stephenie Meyer's vibrant storytelling has captured our hearts and the hearts of millions of readers and moviegoers, and we are excited to offer this Dazzled by Twilight Exclusive Edition of Female Force - Stephenie Meyer - direct from the heart of Twilight in Forks, Washington." said Annette Root, the store’s owner.

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer, scheduled for release the same day the movie hits theaters, November 20th. The Dazzled by Twilight edition can only be purchased at the retail location (61 N. Forks Ave, Forks, WA) or Dazzled By Twilight’s online store: www.dazzledbytwilight.com.

“When I visited Forks I was really captured by the warmth of the community and how they have embraced the Twilight books,” said Bluewater’s president Darren G. Davis. “I’m very pleased to join forces with Dazzled by Twilight to bring more attention to this great town.”

The comic, written by Ryan Burton (“Flying Saucers vs The Earth”) examines Meyer’s rise to popularity, her “Twilight” saga novels, the launching of the successful movie franchise and her future plans. According to Burton, a very recognizable and iconic vampire will serve as the story’s narrator.

The title is being drawn by Dave MacNeil and the Dazzled By Twilight cover is painted by Azim Akberali.

Meyer, Named USA Today's "Author of the Year" in 2008, is the first author of fiction featured in the Female Force series. The series, to date, has published biographies on such influential women as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin and Princess Diana.

Female Force offers a broad examination of strong and influential women who are shaping modern history and culture.

The monthly comic book series, launched earlier this year, has drawn considerable media attention, including features on CNN, MTV, MSNBC, Fox News, and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” It has also been featured in such periodicals as People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and thousands of blogs and other media outlets.
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