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News Round-Up: 25 August 2009

New Moon News
Chris Weitz shares in an interview with MTV mostly on how he dealt with the CGI for the Edward sightings and the cliff-diving scene, and also that Vitamin T (aka a dose of Taylor Lautner) can cure the Robert Pattinson deficiencies in the New Moon film.

Check out Jackson Rathbone’s comparisons between playing Jasper in the Twilight saga and his portrayal as Sokka in Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Justine Wachsberger, who is playing Gianna in the New Moon film, talks with Fanbolt.com on her experiences during filming.

Noot Sear talks about her preparation for her role as Heidi in New Moon and her peculiar name in this article with MTV.

See these fascinating photos of Dakota Fanning in the New York Times. She also talks briefly about her character Jane in the film.

Eclipse Film News
Filming for the third movie is fully underway, as was posted by Examiner.com. Click on that link for easy to access set filming updates.

Summit Entertainment has announced the remaining actors to round up the cast list for Eclipse: Booboo Stewart to play Seth Clearwater and Julia Jones for Leah Clearwater. Get to know more about BooBoo’s background via Examiner.com. He surprised all fans when he remarked in his interview with Access Hollywood that he has signed up for three films (instead of the expected two) for the film franchise. Check out the video below where he mentions this (thanks to Rachel of Access Hollywood).

Summit Entertainment in response has sent a statement over to Access Hollywood that BooBoo’s statement on the number of films to be produced “are unfortunately uninformed and not accurate”. Soon afterward, BooBoo Stewart retracted his earlier statement.

Julia Jones talks with SEGN.com about auditioning for the role and on reading the books in the Twilight saga. Get to listen to the interview here.

Other News
One of the TCP admins recently got married (we leave it to you to find out who!) so this is a cute tidbit—In Style asked designers for their respective visions of Bella’s wedding dress. What do you think of the designs given Stephenie Meyer’s own description of the wedding dress?

Here’s a brief article regarding Stephenie Meyer’s choice of music. Also in response to her recent post on the music she enjoyed this summer, MTV reports that the bands she cited like her too :D

Check out these yearbook photos featured in WTForks?! with some of the Twilight cast and Stephenie Meyer herself.

Do not forget to vote Peter Facinelli as the ultimate World Mr. Twitter!


  1. minamic said...

    I love the design by Monique Lhuillier! Very lacy and in a mermaid-style. :P Except for the sleeves which can draw attention to chunky arms.

  2. Anonymous said...

    who got married? my guess is either clair de lune or mabellataka. haha

  3. resident_nutty said...

    @anonymous: have you seen me or CdL? hahaha, curious lang ako as to why LOL

    - mabelletaka

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