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News Round-Up: 26 August 2009

Watch the following video of Access Hollywood with Edi Gathegi on his thoughts upon watching the completed New Moon film (Thanks to Rachel of Access Hollywood for the clip):

Another film which can be a treat to Twilight fans in the coming months is a documentary on Forks, entitled Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town. Here is a basic background about the documentary posted by MTV. Be sure to check the blog if this will be available locally.

Get a glimpse on the views of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in this interview with MTV on the complex Bella-Jacob relationship.

Check out some filming photos posted by Celebrity Mania on Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) and Xavier Samuel (Riley) during a kissing scene for the Eclipse film.

Justin Chon shares some details about the Eclipse film with RadarOnline in this entertaining interview. To put another human into the mix, here's another one with Christian Serratos as she talks about the cast working on the New Moon and Eclipse films.

BooBoo Stewart reveals how his sister is more than thrilled on his brother joining the cast as it gives her a chance to see shirtless Taylor (who wouldn't?) in this interview with E! Online.

Since I just want to insert some Cam Gigandet goodness in this round-up for obvious reasons, here's some information on Cam teaming up with another popular vampire actor Stephen Moyer in an upcoming vampire flick entitled Priest. See the article on ET Online.

Popstar.com has an article giving a brief background on how selected popular Twilight fansites began [haha this got me reminiscing - mabelletaka].


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