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RPattz on the Cover of Candy Magazine (September Issue)

Be sure to grab a copy of the September issue of Candy Magazine, which has Robert Pattinson in the cover and a feature interview with the actor. More information about the issue here.


  1. Anonymous said...

    he is also on the cover of the september issue of OK! magazine (September)

  2. lexaprone said...

    Kudos to Candy for choosing teen-friendly (neat hair, pretty smile)photos of Rob. I don't think the just-woke-up look would appeal to schoolgirls. Or maybe it would.:)

  3. Ella said...

    I'm SO buying this ! \:D/

  4. katsyboo said...

    I hope COSMO will have him as COVER too... like the SEXY MAN side of him! *hissing* hot! hot! hot!

    but still, i'm so buying this too!

  5. katsyboo said...

    I hope COSMOPOLITAN will have him as cover too. This time showing the SEXY MAN side of him. *hissing* hot! hot! hot!

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