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News Round-Up: August 28, 2009

Deja vu? The Volturi have surfaced... again!

Summit went the viral route in promoting the elusive forefront members of the Volturi, so we now have full-body shots of them up on different sites:

All dark, glowering and mysterious. We also see a glimpse of the Volturi crest hanging off the necks of Jane, Aro, and Marcus. (Alec's and Caius' must be hidden inside their coats.) Hm, I know some of us were already spoiled from this "big reveal" *cough*leak*cough* but still, what do you think now that we've officially seen Chris Weitz's interpretation of vampire royalty? (I personally love Dakota Fanning's Jane. -minamic)

In other news, we finally have one sure song that's on the New Moon soundtrack! MTV will premiere Death Cab for Cutie's single, "Meet Me on the Equinox", on September 13, the same day as the VMAs. (Not sure if that means they'll be showing it on the VMAs.)

The Independent has an interview with Kristen Stewart.

And a bit of something old but new, a video interview posted on NewMoonMovie.org on why Stephenie thinks Breaking Dawn should be made into two movies.

Lastly, we know you love Peter Facinelli, a.k.a., Daddy Carlisle Cullen. So go vote for him as Mr. Twitter! Only 4 days left! :D


  1. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    Creepy! *hunts for red contact lens sellers in the internet hehehe*

    Dakota is the perfect Jane! Among all pictures, I think Marcus' gave me the chicken-skin-you scare the creep-out-of me feeling. But I have to say that I still can't believe JCB is plaing Caius. He really looks... young. :P Ahhh... what the HALE! I still love the pictures.

    Thanks to whoever for "leaking" the pictures.

  2. twilightangel2026 said...

    ^^i have one!!!hehehe. the pictures gave me the shivers when they started popping up all over the net early this morning...the volturi were not what i expected them to be but nonetheless they look creeptacular. really makes you want to be a good little vampire or else that is what's coming after you. new moon is really here! someone pinch me!

  3. jec said...

    well i can say, christ weitz is a very spectacular director. everything was perfect as of now. I am just waiting for the movie to see if he could make me cry.

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