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News Round-Up: 11 September 2009

A preview of Death Cab for Cutie's Meet me on Equinox has been posted in the New Moon Soundtrack site. Let us know what you think so far! The band also reveals to MTV what the music video would look like and the inspiration for the song.

Stephenie Meyer's website posted a warning regarding ads offering Midnight Sun as a contest prize, which are definitely not true.

Jamie Campbell Bower shares with MTV his upcoming projects (especially on the seventh installment of Harry Potter), his accent while playing Caius, and his New Moon experiences.

Peter Facinelli reveals his favorite line in the New Moon film in this interview with MTV.

Ashley Greene talks to MTV about filming so far in Eclipse, especially that of the vampire battle.

Get to know more about Jackson Rathbone and his band in this feature in The Vancouver Sun.

Click here to know more about Chaske Spencer's preparation to film Eclipse, along with the training he did (trust me, it's a good read! LOL - mabelletaka) prior and during the New Moon film. (c/o Radar Online)

Reelz Channel features a video tour of the locations used for the Twilight film.

The new New Moon trailer is coming in a few days and you can download this widget from MTV for your trailer countdown!


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