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News Round-Up: September 23, 2009

Atlantic Records has officially announced the release of the New Moon soundtrack on their site.

Curious about some of the artists in the OST? Here's two features: St. Vincent talked to MTV about their inclusion in the album. Meanwhile, Hurricane Bells explains to EW how they got a song in.

On Eclipse, EOnline now has Melissa Rosenberg commenting on the darker turn the movie's going with director David Slade.
"David has a darker sensibility, so it clicks," Rosenberg said. "The story has a slightly darker tone. I mean, it goes into a full-out battle, so it is darker in the nature of what it is. David was the perfect director for it."
I don't mind as long as the leg-hitch scene and the proposal--"I promise to love you forever, every single day of forever"--is there. Hopefully, that line won't end up like the lion-lamb line that still makes our skin crawl whenever we watch it. (We already know the tent scene is there, so no worries about that.)

Thanks to Amala_Thea for the heads-up, we now know that New Moon will have a preview at the Rome International Film Festival, same as Twilight last year. The news bit is here but it's in Italian. :P

Nordstrom's Twilight tees are being modelled by the interns over on MTV. Here they are wearing two of the wolf pack shirts (guest starring Cam Gigandet! He doesn't wear them, though. Haha.) & two with the Cullen and Volturi crests.

MTV also has a 5-page peek at the Female Force comic bio featuring Stephenie Meyer.

Finally, I couldn't resist posting this pic shared by someone from Twitter, through RobPattzNews: a limited edition Pringles flavor. Now I wonder what VAMPIRE tastes like!


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