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Shiny... errr... Sparkly new "New Moon" posters!

Summit just released 3 new posters for The Twilight Saga: New Moon! Check them out below.

Wow, that's an embrace worthy of Mabelle and Minami's favorite romance novels... *colon capital P* -CdL

Jane and Aro at the fore! Now we know who among the Volturi are being billed as the stars of this show. -CdL

Non-shirtless Wolf Pack. Can't say I'm happy about that. LOL. But hey, any poster with the wolf pack on it is awesome in my book. -CdL

You can run vampire-speed to the MTV Movies website to see higher-res versions of these posters.


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    my comment on the first poster...where the hale is JACOB??? don't get me wrong I'm an Edward fan but New Moon is Jacob's. He ought to have more exposure since come eclipse, both guys are supposed to be on even ground in terms of exposure. Anyhoo...i love the golden/orange tone of the posters. The big day approaches...you guys ready? ;D

  2. KiniBabyLove said...

    Well, there's nothing "new" about the Cullens and Volturi posters. It's the same stills just rotated in place. LOL. BUT the Pack! *fans herself* Hot! Hot! Hot!

  3. lexaprone said...

    Too many people. I'd like to go back to the old days (ok, last year)when it was just Edward and Bella, even if the lighting was awkward. As for Jane in the frontlines, mmm, isn't it a bit premature that she's there, given that she'll have her fun in Breaking Dawn, two books away? The wolf pack poster reminds me of Robin Padilla's "think positive" commercial. That's neither good nor bad, but the poses in all the posters I've seen so far have veered away from the symbolisms that we've come to love in the books. As I said, too many people, possibly to please too many fans.
    Thank God I don't judge a movie by its poster/s.

  4. minamic said...

    "Wow, that's an embrace worthy of Mabelle and Minami's favorite romance novels... *colon capital P* -CdL"

    I LOVE IT! X CAPITAL D! Hahahaha!

    Argh, Blogger still won't work!!! *strangles blogger*

  5. Clair de Lune said...

    MINAMIC: I forgot to add: "...except, once again, Edward looks kinda constipated." LOL

  6. Anonymous said...

    I personally love it. Especially the picture where Edward and Bella are in an embrace and Jasper looking menacing.

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