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(Updated) Sam Bradley Live in the Philippines!

UPDATE (10/7, 11:34am): We've posted the complete schedule and after-show Meet and Greet details here.

UPDATE (10/5, 5:19pm): Send us your fan questions to Sam Bradley! Click here to know how to send them.

UPDATE (10/2, 10:19am): We've been informed by 1979 Entertainment that the press conference for Sam's concert will be on October 7th at The Podium's Atrium area. The conference is tentatively set for 4-5pm; we'll inform you if there are any changes. However, since the mall is open, you can actually go to the Atrium area to watch the conference! If you don't have anything to do then, please drop by. See you there!

UPDATE (10/2, 8:35am): Sam posted about the tour on his Twitter account (@samueltwitt1) - "Tour in Philippines. Dates are up! http://tinyurl.com/y88xlh9 Making a documentary there with Zack Spiger film maker & director of Sea Blue" [CdL]

UPDATE (10/2, 8:20am): You can find more info about Sam's shows in this micro-site: http://sambradley.1979entertainment.com
We're waiting for confirmation on a few more details, so please be patient. We'll also be having a small contest that we hope to announce later in the day. [CdL]

Sam Bradley will be having a series of free concerts in October at 8 SM Supermalls!

About Sam Bradley:

Musician Sam Bradley has a distinct knack for entertainment. His prolific output is a clever and clean combination of soul, folk, and rock music - though the constancy of his sound unifies the varying genres.

His song "Too Far Gone" - a gentle compliment to the dinner scene in the movie "Twilight" - which he co-wrote with its leading male star Robert Pattinson, made its way onto the soundtrack in Pattinson's version entitled "Never Think". The Twilight OST instantly made its way to the number one spot on Billboard charts and gave Bradley the jump-start he needed to begin production on his first formal album -- not to mention, touring.

With cherry-picked precision, Bradley's live performances are a mixture of charming anecdotes and cultural affluence - a colorful array of both potent originality and diversity - and are well-known for being completely unforgettable.

Bradley's first EP releases on August 29, 2009, included on the already sold-out, limited release album are songs such as "Sea Blue" which has, alone, received 300,000 plays on his MySpace page. The EP includes 5 other songs titled "Eugene", "Derek", "Pretty Boy", "Passport", and "It Begins".

October 9 - SM Megamall
October 10 - SM Mall of Asia
October 11 - The Podium
October 14 - SM Clark
October 15 - SM Southmall
October 16 - SM Cebu
October 17 - SM Fairview
October 18 - SM Sta. Rosa

Sam Bradley, Live! is presented by SM Supermalls. Special thanks to Dusit Thani Manila, Kodak, Nutri-Snack, MTV Philippines, and 1979 Entertainment.

Thanks to the folks at 1979 Entertainment for the info. We'll bring you more news about this event as we get them :)


  1. LuvAndKicks said...

    OMG! Is this for real? Please provide more details as you get them.

    *Me excited!*

  2. twitter said...

    hey, do you happen to have the time for these events?

  3. resident_nutty said...

    we'll post as soon as we get more updates as regards the time and other info. hope to see you all there!

  4. Nacee said...

    i can't believe this!!
    gaah. i wish there's a show at SM North!! the others are way too far from where i live.. :(
    aww. why does it have to be SM North, that is left out??! :(

  5. eigms said...

    hope he tells Rob that the Filipinos are awesome! wheeee!!!!! =)

  6. Anonymous said...

    Sure na po ba ito? Kasi nung tinignan ko tong site na to. http://www.pollstar.com/resultsArtist.aspx?ID=105527&SortBy=Date Puro Mall of Asia ang nakalagay na venue

  7. Catherine said...

    OMG is this for real? Where do we get tickets???

  8. Clair de Lune said...

    ANONYMOUS: We're not sure where the info in that website came from. We were sent a press kit by the promoters (the people who are bringing Sam here), and we trust they gave us the correct info.

    CATHERINE: You were too excited, you missed the word "FREE" in our post. No tickets needed. Bring your friends! :)

  9. Stainedshirt said...

    Actually, the concert is technically free. If you wanna get seated at the area (its usually barricaded), just buy a green bag worth 35 pesos :D

    yes, the information is accurate. :)

  10. LuvAndKicks said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  11. Clair de Lune said...


    Not to sound cranky or anything like that, but I still can't believe you guys don't believe us when we post something. I think we've proven in the past year that we are credible news sources. We don't haphazardly post information that came from just gossip or heresay; we try as much as possible to go to the source of the news to confirm it. And we even tell you where we got our information; you will notice that they're all "official" sources, like the publishers, distributors, officials from malls and stores, etc. You won't believe what kind of "news" we've come across that we didn't post because they're not confirmed. And when we do make mistakes, we also post it and publicly acknowledge it; we've always been open about that. I wish you had more confidence in us than that. We're just fans and we love maintaining the blog even if there's really nothing in it for us, but sometimes there are people who make it all such a non-rewarding experience. :(

  12. Rome said...

    I hope the "OMG! Is this for real?" comments made by some people in this blog post are merely expressions of unexpected joy... but I guess gauging from a succeeding comment, it's not. I think it's downright insulting.

  13. LuvAndKicks said...

    To the mods, i apologise if the "OMG! Is this for real" comment which I have posted made me sound doubtful. But if i'm being honest, it's a mere expression of PURE JOY and EXCITEMENT..nothing else. I just can't get over the FACT that Sam is really coming here as the idea seemed so far-fetched.

    Anyway, I've been lurking around this site for almost a year now, and I appreciate the efforts that you guys have put in maintaining this site/blog. Please know that I, being the twilight-addict-to-the-core that I am, appreciate every bit of info that you share with us.

    Again, my intentions in my previous comments are clear. I apologise if you find them doubtful of downright insulting.


  14. Clair de Lune said...

    Thanks for clearing it up. We appreciate it. :)

  15. LuvAndKicks said...

    some typo from previous post:


    "Again, my intentions in my previous comments are clear. I apologise if you found them doubtful or downright insulting."


  16. dazzled said...

    OMC!! This is just too good to be true! I mean, my mouth was gaping when I read about this! Don't know what to do since I'm from Bacolod though...very tempted to go. Should I book plane tickets to Manila or Cebu? Aaaaah...thanks for confirming! Waiting for updates, esp bout the exact time..=D

  17. minamic said...


    You're from Bacolod? Awesome! :D I hope you'll watch him, wherever you choose to go.

  18. dazzled said...

    Hey minamic! Yep, I'm from Bacolod..am I the only Twilighter you know from here? Hehe! I hope so too..'rents are kinda warming up to the idea of me going although they can't really wrap their head as to why I wanna go since "it's not gonna be Robert, just his friend." Haha!

    Really waiting for news about the exact time so I'll know if I'm gonna have to book a hotel room too. And d'you guys know if they're gonna be selling his album during the event? Don't got one for him to sign yet..;p

  19. minamic said...


    I think so. I'm not sure if my cousin is a big Twilight fan though. :) I have relatives there.

    From our sources, they estimate the shows to be around 4-5pm, but we'll try to confirm. I think there's a big chance it's gonna be in the afternoon. Also, according to Sam Bradley's site, his album is only available through digital download at the moment. We were thinking maybe it's possible for you to have him sign your Twilight OST, since he is acknowledged as the co-writer of Never Think. :)

  20. dazzled said...

    Hehe! I know a couple of Twilighters here, don't think they're part of the coven though. ;p

    In his myspace account it says 8pm. Don't know if it's for sure though since all his events are slated at 8pm...copy paste? Hehe! Thanks for the advice about bringing the Twilight OST! Now why didn't I think of that? Still hoping official SB merchandise will be available though..=)

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