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New Moon Collector's Edition Now Available!

UPDATE (10/15, 6:45PM):
Copies have also been spotted in Bibliarch Glorietta 3

Good news! The New Moon Collector's Edition is now available locally. It has been spotted at Fully Booked North Edsa and retails for Php1199. This is a copy of New Moon in a slipcase along with a cloth cover, ribbon bookmark, and two-color chapter openers.

Thanks to Liam and Echo for the info.


  1. TBTC said...

    Do they have these in Twilight too?

  2. Mack said...

    @tbtc yes, they had a similar version for twilight just at the time when the movie was released but, not sure if it came out locally. if i'm not mistaken i saw it before in amazon.com..

  3. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    They might not sell Twilight anymore. These copies are limited edition (and when I say limited, it's really LIMITED). But you can check eBay or amazon. However, these collector's edition releases are really expensive when bought online.

  4. lady sairi said...

    i just bought mine last night when i drop by at Powerbooks, glorietta. they only have 6 copies freshly delivered. i was planning to buy the NM illustrated movie companion, but i ended up buying the NM Collector's edition :)
    much expensive, it cost 1259 in PB.

  5. Jei said...

    FullyBooked MOA has them. I just bought mine yesterday. ^_^ And they also have the Illustrated Movie Companion and the Movie Tie-In.

    National Bookstore MOA has the Collector's Ed, too, but they're more expensive, 1,200++.

  6. redtulips said...

    how "special" is it, exactly?

  7. minamic said...


    it's still basically the same book, except it's hardbound with a cloth cover and a casing. (and looks so pretty on a bookshelf.) it's a collector's edition and limited edition, so not everyone has it, if you could use that to classify it as being "special". :)

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