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News Round-Up: 13 October 2009

Sorry for the delay of this news round-up, as the TCP administrators have been busy supporting the performances of the talented Sam Bradley :P Be sure to grab a copy of the Manila Bulletin tomorrow, October 14, since there is a lengthy exclusive on Sam Bradley (with great photos!) in tomorrow's issue.

We also would like to announce that TCP's New Moon blocked screening will be on November 20, 2009, 8PM in Greenbelt 3 Cinema 3. Tickets are at Php200, which includes your pass to the movie, raffle, and related activities (we'll be having a major event in the cinema lobby prior to the screening). There will only be 165 seats so check the blog daily as we will post reservation instructions this week! We hope to see you there and get to share this movie experience with fellow Pinoy Twilight fans!

So on to the latest (at least the major ones) Twilight news...

There is now an official Twitter page for the Twilight movies, which was launched by Summit Entertainment. Follow them and get to read exclusive tweets from the cast and staff and behind-the-scenes goodness.

The running time for The Twilight Saga: New Moon is 2 hours and 10 minutes according to Cineplex.com. Is this is shorter or longer as you expected? Or is just right?

There is now a documentary on Robert Pattinson as reported by ScreenDaily.com entitled Robsessed. Its UK distributor, Revolver Entertainment, is looking for a November release of the dvd.

Taylor Lautner shares more on being Jacob and his other projects c/o Box Office.

Michael Sheen shares more about being Aro (and playing the undead in general) in this article by USA Today.

Entertainment Weekly rates the New Moon soundtrack and comes up with a resounding grade of A. Be sure to check out the soundtrack as it hits local stores here in the Philippines on October 20.

Check out Vanity Fair's exclusive on three acts in the New Moon movie soundtrack: Sea Wolf, St. Vincent, and OK Go.

Get to know Lykke Li's writing process and how she got hooked on New Moon in this interview by MTV. She is the songwriter of Possibility, which is part of the New Moon movie soundtrack.

Matt Bellamy from Muse talks about their latest album, performances, and their song in the New Moon soundtrack in The National Post.

MTV made an analysis of the music video of Death Cab for Cutie's Meet Me on the Equinox. If you haven't watched the video yet, click here.


  1. honey said...

    oohhh excited for the blocked screening!! =)

  2. rhianne-seventeen@blogspot.com said...

    Wah! This is amazing! will be there with my friends .. . .pero sana mas early siya. . hehehe. . .

  3. gracielou105 said...

    first come first serve ba sha? Can we like reserve in advance? :)

    I want na!!!! :D

  4. Ericha said...

    This is gonna be so much fun! Haha. I want tickets! :D

  5. maria said...

    i really love this site. despite of the hectic/busy schedules of the admin, they still find time to gather latest updates to share to us fellow twilighters. thanks a lot guys :)

  6. dAngermagnet said...

    OMEG !! would surely be there for the blocked screening.. soooooo excited to get the tickets... pleasessseee, puhhhhlllleeeaaassseeee tell us how to make the reservations A - S - A - P..

    thanks a bunch.. ♥ xoxo

  7. resident_nutty said...

    thanks for the comments guys, na-excite tuloy din kami, hehehe. we do hope that we get to fill the theater with Twilight fans (where no one will judge you if you gasp or scream, trust us, it's not a nice experience to watch the movie with non-expressive, non-Twilight fans, hehe). hope you can coerce (drag?) your friends to come along too :D

    we'll surely announce the instructions this week. we're trying to figure out how the process can be equal for all with lesser risk of loss sales. so stay tuned!

    @maria thanks for the comment, we really appreciate it. we try to do what we can to keep the fandom alive and kicking ;) we're grateful for your support of the fandom and Twilight in general :D sanay na kami na pagod pag last quarter of the year LOL

  8. Clair de Lune said...

    Yeah, for 3 years, the last quarter is always gonna be Twilight Season... brace yourselves. LOL.

  9. maria said...

    from 16, we are now 20 whose definitely going... friends of our friends are spreading the news!!!

  10. maria said...

    Just got a copy of the Manila Bulletin today's issue. The article is great! Are you guys in the picture interviewing Sam? You are really amazing! Job well done :)

  11. Clair de Lune said...

    MARIA: Thanks for getting a copy! Yup, that's us. :)

  12. Anonymous said...

    are tcp members (from the forum)the top priorities for the ticket selling. what about non-members?

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