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News Round-Up: October 23, 2009

Because my Blogger finally works, I'm going to write the round-up for today!
First off, one of our Twitter followers asked us to verify New Moon's local release date. So, for those of you who don't follow us on twitter: As of October 22, nothing has changed. The movie will still come out on November 20, according to Pioneer Films, in all cinemas. We aren't sure if we can divulge advanced screenings yet, but they're supposedly having them the day before, the 19th, and not on the 18th.

If you have a twitter account, follow us for more up-to-date news! :) Or if you don't have one, you can check out our Twitter feed on the blog's right side. We tend to post faster there. (Thank you Tweetdeck! LOL.)

On to the news!
The Volturi have descended on La Citta Eterna! Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell-Bower and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg were at the Rome International Film Festival to represent New Moon. They showed a behind-the-scenes featurette and an extended version of the E/B breakup (which should be floating on the internet somewhere... Summit has been cracking down on the vids up on youtube but you know how persistent we Twilight fans are.)

For more info on the scenes, and photos, go here.

Something that's legally up and viewable (but still entirely dangerous for one's EQ): A full clip of the Volterra fight scene between Edward and Felix is on Yahoo! Movies UK. If your EQ is already shot, much like mine is, watch it to appreciate the special effects for vamp speed!

Also, if you can't access the video of the trailer's new version--the one with Jacob and Edward having a little altercation--on Access Hollywood, follow this link to Fandango where it's up on HD.

Want that New Moon look? InStyle has a behind-the-scenes feature on the hows, whys and where-to-buys of the key objects in the movie.

Here's a video interview of Charlie Bewley (especially for Jacke, who we love right now. LOL.)

A funny bit from the New Moon birthday scene: Can Jackson now sing, "I kissed RPattz and I liked it"? Rachelle Lefevre relates at the UK TwiCon that Jackson kissed Rob on the cheek while filming. Read the short fan retelling here.

We end the round-up with something for the Team Jacobs out there. In an interview with MTV, Jackson Rathbone says that Taylor is worth more than just his abs.
"Taylor Lautner really stands out in this film, and I think people are going to be really blown away by his performance," Rathbone said. "You have these great moments that Jacob just completely is winning over Bella. And it's just beautiful to see it. It's all in their eyes."


  1. Jacke said...


  2. Eira said...

    "I Kissed RPattz and I like it!!"

    Haha!! nice one. XD

  3. flowered sentiments. said...

    i think this is the video of the Edward/Bella breakup.


  4. maria said...

    Yeah, Jacob did an amazing job in New Moon and many said he is really... really hot in the movie. Despite of all of these, I am still FOREVER TEAM EDWARD!!! LOL

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