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News Round-Up: November 12, 2009

It's only 8 days til New Moon! There are a lot of local promos currently celebrating the movie's release this month, so if you want to participate in some of them, check out our tagged posts! Who knows? You might get lucky and even win premiere tickets!


If you haven't caught up with the stories from last week's Twilight Saga: New Moon press junket, click here for our last news round-up where all the links have been organized. :)

Our fellow fans from Twilighters Malaysia were lucky to have experienced the Tokyo fan event with Robert Pattinson and Chris Weitz! Go here to view their pics and read about their exciting Twilighter adventure.

Likewise, friends from Twilight Singapore have also shared their member's coverage from the Tokyo fan event which you can view here and here.

Thanks to the admins from Twilighters Malaysia and Twilight Singapore! :)

For the rest of the latest Twilight news on the net:

Chuck the Movie Guy has videos of his interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on his channel on Youtube.

Popsugar has posted their video interview with Robert Pattinson, where he talks about "The One", Edward's humor and the NM soundtrack.

EW's Popwatch has a short article on Alex Meraz's guesting on Rachel Ray, and he is also featured on Fear.net, where he talks about his scene with Kristen!

Moviehole.net has an interview with Taylor Lautner.

About.com has an exclusive interview with Ashley Greene!

The Twilight Lexicon has posted an interview producer Wyck Godfrey did with MakingOf.com.

Yet again, a bunch of stuff over on MTV.com:
Is KStew Team Edward or Team Jacob? Taylor also gives his two cents worth on which side you should be on. This story is also on MTV's Hollywood Crush sub-site.
RPattz wants Gus Van Sant for Breaking Dawn?
Dakota Fanning enjoyed playing a bad girl in New Moon.
You want Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn? Me, too!

I wasn't able to link to this the last time (since I filled most of that round-up with junket links), but if you haven't seen it yet, they've covered the piece where Taylor Swift spoofs Twilight on Saturday Night Live. (She also mentioned Taylor Lautner during her monologue--so cute!--but you'll have to Youtube that one, I think. It won't be hard to find.) Speaking of SNL, don't hold out on Robert Pattinson doing a stint on it anytime soon, according to this MTV news bit.

MTV also has coverage/pics of the New Moon cast tour in Virginia, New Jersey, and Illinois.

If your room isn't full of magazines yet, here's another one to look out for: EW's cover with the Twilight trio.

Finally, peeps, Twilight has been nominated for The People's Choice Awards, and yes, we can participate! So go and vote here! (Oh, and in case you don't have a personal preference for Choice TV Comedy or Choice TV Comedy Actor, we highly recommend The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons!)


  1. gracielou105 said...

    OMG Ricky Lo interviewed them! I repeat.. we've made contact with them! lol....

    Just caught a quick glimpse of it from startalk earlier... youtube it...!!!

  2. minamic said...


    ang corny lang ng interview ni ricky lo though. i mean... no expression. O_O parang, act excited naman diba?

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