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Merch Sighting: New Moon Tech Skins at NBS

Co-Admin Mabelle was doing her Christmas shopping when she passed by National Book Store and spotted some The Twilight Saga: New Moon tech skins:

Laptop Skins:
- For 10" laptops = Php554.50
- For 15.4" laptops = Php675.00

iPod Skins: Php339.00

PSP Skins: Php449

There are also File Stickers for your file boxes for Php339.00 (8 stickers/set).

The tech skins are essentially stickers that you can stick on the cover of your laptop or at the back of your iPod/PSP. [I don't know about you, but I'm scared of sticking stickers on my gadgets... -CdL]

Available at National Book Store outlets.

Thanks to Mabelle and to @minxdrabble for the initial Tweet alert.


  1. Anonymous said...

    i've seen a poster of a limited new moon myphone. at sm sta. mesa.

  2. Leahfe said...

    available din sa fullybooked pero mas mahal... As in MAS MAHAL... Ung Laptop skins cost P900+
    And ung iPod skins naman is P400+

  3. Exylle said...

    ask ko lang po, saang branch ng NBS po merong ipod skins? thanks... ^_^

  4. resident_nutty said...

    @Exylle i saw it in NBS Glorietta, but I suspect that it is also sold in other NBS branches

  5. Pixeled said...

    i was just wondering if they`re still available..

  6. Leigh said...

    @pixeled: available pa rin..
    Sa eastwood marami akong nakita... lalo na sa fullybooked...

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