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TCP's ABSolutely Merry Christmas Party 2009!

UPDATE (12/16/09): Kindly click on this link in order to view the final guest list for the party. The names are arranged alphabetically based on the TCP username that is used to sign-up for the event. For any questions and clarifications, feel free to PM either mabelletaka or clair de lune in the TCP forum or just comment in this blog post.

Don't forget to pay Php150 at the entrance of the party space (just look for the tarp with the TCP logo) for food and venue rental. Also please bring a pen as it is needed in one of the games. See you this Saturday!


It's been another remarkable year for us Pinoy Twilighters, and TCP plans to top it all off with an ABSolutely Merry Christmas Party!

Join us on Saturday, 19 December 2009, 5-8pm at KFC SM Megamall Bldg A (above National Bookstore) as we celebrate a sparkly year of friends, fun, and all-around Twilight fan craziness.

We booked a bigger party area than we had last year so that more of you guys can join in the fun. That doesn't mean we aren't limiting guests, though, so please make sure you follow the instructions below very carefully so that you may be included in the guest list.

Click on this link to view instructions >>> Read the rest of this post
1. All OFFICIAL TCP members are welcome to attend the party. "Official" means you should be a member of the TCP Forum.

2. Each member can bring two other guests/companions only (TCP member or otherwise).

3. RSVP by adding your name on the guest list in the Party Guest List Thread in the Forum. If you're bringing a guest, please make sure to add your guest's name to the list as well.

1. Mabelle
32. Clair de Lune
33. Jacob Black (Clair de Lune's guest)
34. Carlisle Cullen (Clair de Lune's guest)

4. We can only accommodate 125 people for the party.

5. The guest list will be closed on 15 December 2009 or once all of the slots have been filled, whichever comes first.

6. Please prepare Php150.00 per person as registration fee to help us defray the cost for the food and venue rental. This already includes one KFC Fully Loaded Meal.

7. Please have the courtesy to post to the Party Guest List Thread or send a private message to an administrator in the event that you have to back out from attending the party. Use this option sparingly and wisely as we have to know the exact number of attendees to order the food prior to the event. If we have already requested x number of meals and you suddenly back out, that cost will be shouldered by TCP.

8. A friendly reminder to the young ones: Please ask permission from your parents before signing up. :)

For questions or clarifications, please post a comment; but before you do, please make sure you've read and understood all the instructions above.

So in our best imitation of Aro, we bid you to JOIN US! See you at the party!


  1. bea said...

    DANGNABBIT. Its my friend's debut that night haha Enjoy na lang:)

  2. Leahfe said...

    Pupunta talaga ako..
    Last year I wasn't able to come.. Birthday ko kasi nun..
    So ngaun makakapunta na ako..
    1 day nlng bday ko na...

  3. TIKisokA said...

    naku! nagcommentt ako dun sa forum haha
    paki edit na lang...

    sayang di ako makakapunta this year...
    my sis (kisan_egan) and her friend will be joining this year

  4. JenShinrai said...

    I wish I could come. I've got an appointment on that day. =(

  5. myeth said...

    didn't notice there was a change of date...sayang!!! oh well, enjoy the party!!! ^__^

  6. Kutitap said...

    Awww... I signed up sa first thread... Wala ako nakita update dun na may bagong thread. When I got into the new thread close na pala... =( Sana na-update man lang yung blogpost. Excited pa naman ako. First time ko aattend...

  7. myeth said...

    anyenye!!! it seems i read the posts wrong... what i thought was a change of date (at the forum) for this year's tcp christmas party was for last year's pa pala.. that's what you get for not reading the posts carefully. i can still come to the party. yey!!!

  8. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    @kutitap sorry we're a bit confused about your comment. the thread for the guest list (which we also linked to in this post) is not locked/closed. tnx

  9. myeth said...

    @tcp - i think it's my fault... @kutitap - there was NO CHANGE OF DATE nor a NEW THREAD. sowee about my earlier post (dated 04 december)... again, what i thought was a change of date was for LAST YEAR pa pala... i apologize for the confusion. really sowee po.

  10. Kutitap said...

    Oo nga po, na-confuse talaga ako dun... =(

  11. k2ytes109 said...

    I've been clicking and clicking to read the rest of the post re thew party to no avail.MInamic, Echo or Rome, please include me in the guest list.I wanna attend this year's party. I'll text you Echo so you could give me a heads on.

  12. ginaplum03 said...

    ...hi! first time ko na aattend...

  13. Leahfe said...

    I'm so excited!!
    See you all tom!!!

  14. Endoh Chiaki said...

    I heard that Twilight buttons would be sold during the event... but I can't come. I really want to buy a few... is there another way to get those buttongs? Thanks!

  15. resident_nutty said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  16. resident_nutty said...

    @Endoh Chiaki: refer to this link for ordering info: http://twilightcovenph.multiply.com/market/item/5/Declare_your_allegiance_with_TCPs_Wave_4_Button_Pins

  17. Leahfe said...

    nag enjoy talaga ako last Saturday!!
    I won an autograph picture of Sam Bradley and a dropcard!! thank you TCP!! until next time... ;)

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