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New Eclipse Stills!

Three new movie stills have just popped up online, giving us another peek at Eclipse, opening this June. (So excited!)

Okay, so no more lovey-dovey shots of our favorite emo vamp-human couple. But, we did get a glimpse of the Cullens! And our friendly neighborhood boy-wolf, Jacob.

What do you think of the pics? Doesn't it look like the Cullen's family color should be blue? Do you also think, like most of the people on twitter, that Jake got a tad less buff? And, WHERE IS EMMETT?! Sound off on the comments! :)

Thanks to @hollajade on Twitter for the heads up! :)


  1. mariel_jn said...

    I like the 3rd shot from the Cullens though they look more human than vamps I still love 'em. I like Rosalie here, and one thing's for sure nothing beats Jasper's hair transitions but I love his twilight hair the most. Hey where's Emmett?

  2. Liam said...

    I love Rosalie's boots! :D What's with Jasper's hair?! O_O I think Taylor lost some of his muscles. His biceps looked smaller than before. I'm pretty excited for Eclipse already. :D

  3. Rome said...

    Loving the new stills! And I have to agree with the hair transitions, especially that of Jasper's. When I saw the change in the NM local DVD exclusive, I went "huh?" The color palette of the clothing became darker, as expected. Excited for the movie already! :)

  4. minamic said...


    You didn't wonder where Emmett is? O_O

  5. Liam said...

    @minamic: I'm betting he's pouncing on Paul. :P

  6. bea said...

    The first one's either the 12th wife story telling thing or the TENT SCENE haha

  7. Liam said...

    @minamic: And I was distracted by Jasper's hairdo. :P

  8. myeth said...

    has anyone found out why emmett was not in the picture??? i find jacob's less buff look better. the nm look really screams steroids. i'm actually concerned about alice's hair... i like her hair on twilight. jasper's on the other hand, i find it funny that his hairstyle keeps on changing on every movie... i wonder what his hair would look like on bd... he's still in bd (re: leaked script) right???

  9. minamic said...


    hm, you just gave me an idea for a weird contest: STYLE A CULLEN! XD

  10. Clair de Lune said...

    Jake is now visibly smaller, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I just hope Slade is consistent and doesn't bring in the "Hobbit" special effects in weird places.

    I like Rosalie's hair here better than in NM, since I think it suits Nikki's face and look much better. I've stopped caring what they do to Alice's hair, since they probably won't ever get it right. But JASPER!!! What have they done to poor poor Jasper?! Alice would never agree for him to have that awful hairstyle. :( I've never been so disappointed about hairstyles in my life... okay, except when they tried giving Ron Weasley that weird longish hair... But Jasper!!! :(

  11. lexaprone said...

    Color-coordinated Cullens with hideously horrific hair. I alliterate when I'm disappointed.

    Maybe Emmett's off-frame, wrestling a grizzly.

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