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Happy 2nd Anniversary TCP!

Today may be both April Fool's and Maundy Thursday. But it's also the day our group turns two! :D Seriously. No joke. *crosses heart*

We put up two anniversary contests a while back, where you can win either a copy of the graphic novel or the local New Moon DVD! And we've decided to extend the deadline! Entries must be sent in to tcppromos@gmail.com by April 5! For more details, please go to this link.

We'd like to thank everyone for supporting and being involved with the group the past two years.

Thank you to the wonderful distributors who brought us all things Twilight -- Hachette Book Group USA, (Philippines), Pioneer Films, and Warner Music Philippines!

And thank you, especially, to all the pinoy Twilighters, in and out of the coven! Let's continue to spread the Twi-love, yeah? :)


  1. Liam said...

    Happy 2nd birthday, TCP! :D

  2. kymishcullen said...

    Happy Anniversary TCP!!

    and thank you admins for keeping us updated on news, putting up promos and organizing events for the local fans. YOU guys ROCK!! Keep up the good work!! :)

  3. Honey said...

    Happy 2 years Twilight Coven Philippines!

    Keep the TW spirit alive! Thanks for being there for the Filipino TW fans =)


  4. myeth said...

    belated happy anniversary!!!

    thank you for everything that you have done. keep it up!!! ^__^

  5. Anonymous said...

    still curious...who won the contests? :)

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