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New Eclipse Movie Tie-ins

The covers of two Eclipse movie tie-in paperbacks can now be seen over at Barnes and Noble, here and here. Looks like they decided to use the theatrical sheet for one. The other is a close-up shot of Bella's half-face. Personally, I prefer the latter though it just screams drama. I might be biased because of the superimposed face of Edward on Bella's right eye.

Sure she's been on the covers of magazines, but I wonder how Kristen Stewart feels being the primary focus of a book front?

Thanks to @emotionalgeek on Twitter for the heads up! :)


  1. bea said...

    How come the second one looks so fanmade?

  2. minamic said...


    i told you. it's the dramuh. :D

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    The 2nd one doesn't look right. Like it's Kristen, but it's not. Weird.

  4. alexa said...

    is it me or the latter one looks a lot like the cover of 'memoirs of a geisha' sans edward?

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