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"Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol. 1" now on sale at a reduced price

For those who aren't on our Twitter feed (and why aren't you? :P )...

National Book Store is now selling Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol. 1 at 40% off the original price of Php895.00. You can now get a copy for Php537.00. That's good news for those who have been saving up for it (but bad news for those who rushed to buy it when it came out).


  1. lexaprone said...

    Any reviews yet? I'm not shelling out even the discounted price of P 537 for a so-so version of the novel. For a graphic novel, it's too small, and I'm not too keen on the artwork, from what I've seen of it.

  2. elsie said...

    hmm.. personally I am not that impressed with the book, maybe because I love the detailed one like the novel. but I understand that it is supposed to be a "comic".

    another thing is, I was disappointed to find out that the book is unfinished. It ended on the "revealing scene" of Edward ( going home after showing Bella what he looks like under the sun).

    but if you are like me... a twilight fanatic who can't bear to let any book about twilight passed.. then this is a good companion in your collection..

    don't be deterred by my review.. even if you don't be impressed like me, I say it is still a great collection.

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