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Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Photo from VMan Photoshoot, circa 2008, one of my favorites. Think of it as Rob and the admins. (I'd photoshop ourselves on there but I'm scared of all the raised eyebrows that will entail. LOL.) Of course, Mabs has dibs on Cam. :D

Kinda delayed, since his birthday was yesterday here in the PH --- did you send out a Happy birthday Tweet? --- but it's still his birthday elsewhere in the world. Hey, what can I say? The guy's loved worldwide.

The fans from RPattzNews have put together a small page on the World Wildlife Fund, which Rob has said he supports, as the fans' birthday gift to him. I think it's a great idea, and if you have some to spare, this can be your little way of showing you care, both for Rob and his beloved character, Edward Cullen! (Remember, Edward loves to feed on mountain lions?)

Anyway, from all the fans in the PH, Happy birthday, Robert! :)


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