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News Round-Up: 14 May 2010

ECLIPSE NEWS... the Good...

A clip from the movie was released recently. It shows the Volturi --- Jane, Alec, Demetri, and Felix --- observing the newborns wreaking havoc in Seattle. You can find it and download an iPod version here on Apple trailers.

BoxOfficeMojo reports that the Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Ratings Administration have rated Eclipse as PG-13. (Hm, last year, our local classification of New Moon was GP.)

On the Red Carpet has an interview with Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in Eclipse. He says that the movie will be action-packed, and shares an anecdote about the shoot.

"We were shooting in this forest in Vancouver and the green room was this gun club and it was so small and all the directors chairs, with the names on the back of them, were lined up like sardines," he said. "So we all went in there, all soaking wet like drowned rats. It was so funny just to see the biggest young Hollywood (stars) like drowned rats, side by side."

The band Metric's lead singer, Emily Haines, reveals her thoughts on having a song on the Eclipse OST in their Myspace blog. She also has an interview with MTV regarding their involvement on Eclipse, and their song, which was in collaboration with famed composer, Howard Shore.

"[He] calls me and says, 'I want to write with you ... I want you to write with me, for the song at the end of the movie, the penultimate moment, where the whole score culminates in this incredible scene.' And I was like, 'OK.' "

..."I had to ... really try to embody the voice of Bella, which I've never done. I've always been interested in that — writing for film — and it was really cool to feel the emotions of someone else, and then try to express it in a way that's consistent with Stephenie [Meyer]'s books," she said. "It was so interesting for me. And [Shore] had also written the [chord] progressions, and we had to work within his melodic ideas, but still make it us. ... He really wanted it to be Metric. So it's, like, Metric and Howard Shore, writing this moment. And when you see the movie, you'll hear that the melodies from the song we wrote are part of the score. ... I can't believe my luck, and it was really cool to work with him."

To round-up the recent good news, it's time for the MTV Movie Awards once again! Due to the zealousness of our fellow Twilighters, our trio have snagged noms for Best Female and Best Male Performances as well as the Global Superstar award. Their costar, Anna Kendrick, is nominated for Best Breakout Star, while New Moon is also in the running for Best Movie.

Of course, what I, and some crazy people like me out there, deem most interesting in this event is the category, Best Kiss, where all three of them are up against each other! Like the last time, I am lobbying for the Robsten pairing. Mabs and CdL will be voting for Kristen-Dakota (via The Runaways). :D Please vote to support!

Now for the bad news...

As you probably know by now, there've been some salary disputes going on and, due to this, we might see Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz getting the boot. They are two of the more loved Cullen actors, at least, they are in our part of the world, so we'd be really sad and disappointed if we don't see them in the last installment. Let's hope they iron things out before then.


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