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News Round-Up: 28 July 2010

Before I begin the round-up, some non-Twilight-related news, but one that Robert Pattinson fans will probably like: Pioneer Films has informed us that Remember Me will be available on DVD locally. At present, the tentative date of release is by the end of July... so, in a few days? We still have to follow up the exact dates though. We'll post when we have more info.
Well, Eclipse has already been pulled out of most Metro Manila theaters. But it hasn't been totally removed--Robinsons Galleria still has it on two time slots in Cinema 10 today--so if you know people who haven't watched it yet or if you just can't get enough of Edward or Jacob that you HAVE to watch it for the nth time, check the listings for the bigger, 10-12 cinema outlets, like SM. Their online lists should be updated daily.

Now, I know we've been remiss in posting a TON of new things that have happened in the Twilight universe. (SORRY!!! *sheepish*) But we're going to try to make up for it now. We'll start with the most recent ones and naturally, they're about the last of franchise, Breaking Dawn, which will reportedly start production later this year.

Summit Entertainment has already revealed that filming will take place in Louisiana and Vancouver and that, despite the, um, "events" that occur in the book, they will still keep the movies within a tame PG-13 rating. Also, although the first part already has a set release date (11/18/2011), the second part doesn't, despite earlier assumptions that it would come out summer 2012. In fact, looking at the heavyweights it's up against in that time period according to MTV--Avengers, Madagascar 3, MIB3, Star Trek 2, Spiderman, Batman 3--I think maybe Summit is right in reconsidering their dates.

It's early (or not) but there's already talk of BD casting! Word on the grapevine is that Lee Pace of TV series Pushing Daisies is in the running to play Garrett, the nomadic vampire that eventually mates with Denali sister, Kate. However, Gossip Cop shoots this down. It does have us excited about the actor possibilities, though I don't envy the casting director his/her job at the moment. Which character are you looking forward to seeing cast? Got any potential actors in mind?

One person also hard at work pre-production is screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. Popsugar was able to ask her about Breaking Dawn.
PS: We've heard there are some scenes you want to avoid showing on screen in Breaking Dawn. For example, Bella giving birth. Can you tell us why?
MR: That was a misquote. The childbirth — all the scenes, I feel — should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward's teeth through the placenta? I don't think so. I don't think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don't think we'll see teeth in the placenta.

PS: What is one of your favorite scenes from the books or films? Is there one you've especially enjoyed writing or look forward to writing?
MR: There are a number. I think seeing Bella as a vampire and her adjusting to her powers and embracing them, those are all really fun scenes to write. Particularly when you picture Kristen Stewart playing her, and the way she's embodied Bella as a sort of awkward, fidgety persona. When she turns into a vampire, all of that goes away.
Melissa also talked to Movieline. We'll have to remember how she responded to these questions when Breaking Dawn eventually comes out.
And Bill Condon is a writer as well. What kind of situation is it for you as a screenwriter when you’re working with a director who also writes — do they want ownership of the script, too?
You know, it could go either way. I’ve certainly worked in both situations, but the fact that Bill’s a writer, and I think a writer first…his notes have been the kind of notes you get from another writer, which are the best kind of notes. Character, theme, depth, complexity…it’s not just, “Let’s get that action set piece!” He’s really talking about the core of the story. He’s like, “I want you to write these movies.” He doesn’t want to write these movies. Rather than just taking them and doing what he would do, I think he’s really more sensitive than most would be to what I need to do to make these great. He knows exactly how to give that to me. It’s sort of like an actor directing actors — sometimes, they make the best directors. A writer directing a writer could be a disaster — “Oh my God, they took the movie from me” — or it could be absolutely perfect, and so far, it’s been perfect.

You’re working now on Breaking Dawn, which will be split into two movies. Do you treat each of those parts like they’re their own film, or like it’s one film split in two?
There’s absolutely a difference. Each one has to be approached as a separate movie, and each story has to stand alone.

How do they feel different to you?
Well, one is Bella as a human — first a newlywed, and then pregnant. It’s about Bella surviving that, but also staying true to her choices. The other one is completely different. The world has totally changed from her. She’s now this strong, unbreakable vampire who finds out that she has some extraordinary gifts. They’re actually really different stories in a lot of ways.
She covered a little bit about BD as well in an Eclipse interview with EW.
Were you hoping there would be two Breaking Dawn movies?
Initially, I went back and forth. At first, I thought one. Then, when I got more into the story and thought, you know what, this is two. It’s a lot in one book. We would have had to cut out so much to do one movie. The nature of the book is sort of two movies. There’s before she’s a vampire and then after she’s a vampire. We’d be giving short shrift to both sections to try and do it as one.

How will it feel to leave the Twilight franchise?
I left Dexter after the fourth season, too. Twilight and Dexter — they’ve been my worlds for the last four years or so. Part of me is very excited about doing something new. I’m ready to branch out and explore other worlds and characters. The other part of me is sad to leave them and a little bit nervous. I’m comfortable in these worlds. I know I can write Dexter and Twilight. It’s always anxiety-provoking to go into new worlds and have to get to know a whole new language.
Let's see what we missed out on about Eclipse in the net.

Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch chatted with costume designer Tish Monaghan, who gave them some cool trivia about the characters' clothes in the movie, like, why Kellan wears lighter shirts (to show off his muscles), where they get Rob and Taylor's shirts (the Gap... Taylor's is a size smaller than usual to display those buffed up biceps), how there's more to Rosalie's wedding dress (the train is 30-ft long), why RPattz's pants are kinda loose (they're actually karate pants), and how there's a little bit of Rachelle Lefevre's Victoria in Bryce Dallas Howard's version. (We touched up on all this in the Danag podcast's soon-to-be-released episode 23, our Eclipse movie review.)

SELF.com has a more in-depth interview with the designer regarding color and wardrobe style choices, such as the brands of the characters' clothing. Key points I'd like to highlight:
SELF: How is Bella's look in Eclipse different from in New Moon?

Tish Monaghan: Well, it's funny because the movies come out a year apart, but onscreen, only a week has passed. With Bella [Kristen Stewart], she's a little more settled in public and in her relationship with Edward. And so, at the beginning, I wanted to show a little bit more of a relation to the Cullens' colors, a cool palate, and steer away from the warm earth tones that were more evident in New Moon.

There are quite a few romantic scenes, so I wanted to show a softer side of Bella without going too girly or feminine, because that's just not at the heart of who she is. She's a very practical person, so I tried to soften her up a bit with color. We open up with her wearing one of her signature plaid shirts, but it's in a softer, lilac fabric and looks very pretty in a field of flowers. We tried to retain the integrity of her character, but just lighten her up a little.

And how about for the boys?

In New Moon, Edward [Robert Pattinson] is essentially in a suit throughout most of the movie because he almost gets frozen in time on the night of Bella's birthday party, when the tragedy occurs. So he sports that look of a restrained, contained individual throughout the film. I wanted to ensure that in Eclipse, we brought him back into the world of a grade twelve student. I wanted to make a point of getting him back to t-shirts and jeans and sneakers, a more casual look while maintaining the Cullen's flavor, which is always a little more styled - I mean, he's never going to look too rough and ready. We wanted to get him out of the gentlemanly quotient and into clothes that look good and fit nicely, but seem a little more youthful. For Jacob, the only thing I changed was I put him into some cutoff cargo shorts instead of cutoff jeans. We ended up using a lot of the same t-shirts because they fit him so well.
Collider.com interviewed Eric Leven, the visual effects supervisor of Eclipse, who reveals the existence of limited collectible items made for the crews of both the second and third films!

A really interesting article on The Huffington Post site is titled "A Twilight Seduction: What Men can Learn from Edward". It's a quite lengthy article which discusses the "sexual" dynamic (or lack thereof) between the love triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob. And it ends with a few tips "to inspire lustful adoration", among them:
Kiss: Tenderly, urgently, to communicate, to explore, and for no reason at all.
Smolder: Look into our eyes like you want to learn us, then ask us what we're thinking. We're going to tell you anyway, so you might as well get credit for it.
Say Things We'll Savor: Telling us we're beautiful is fine, but tell us why and we'll believe you.
Be Gorgeous: Cultivate the best part of your DNA - your humanity. Chiseled cheekbones and chests make us look. Intelligence, integrity, imagination make us love.
Be Present: Be there in our dreams and share yours with us. Gift us yourself and you'll be rewarded.
I'm not sure about the "smoldering" part (remembering how it was used in the Tangled trailer), but a lot of it does make sense, so check the article out.

NPR.org has a feature exploring Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Stieg Larsson's Millennium series as ushering in a new age where it's the girls that lead the pop culture phenoms.

InStyle.com asked the actors "What do you want to take home from the set of the Twilight Saga?"

Also, some actor interviews:
USAToday with Xavier Samuel.
Details with Jack Huston.
Telegraph UK with Bryce Dallas Howard
Huffington Post with Christian Serratos


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