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Twilight in Comic Con 2010 & the Fansites' One-on-One with Stephenie Meyer

Twilight in Comic Con

The June 30 release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was a little early for last weekend's celebration of Comic Con, but the franchise was still felt during the event, even if it was to a lesser degree than usual. Here are some of the Twilight-related happenings in San Diego:

FearNet caught up with Michael Sheen who mentions Breaking Dawn.

Cool Toy Review
has a peek at the Eclipse NECA action figures of Edward, Jacob and Victoria.

Hallmark previewed Twilight-themed greeting cards, as well as a sneak peek at an unfinished 2011 ornament of the main trio. Pictures are here.

Twilight Examiner
mentions Anna Kendrick, there to promote Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and Kellan Lutz attending post-Comic Con parties. More pictures of Anna at the Scott Pilgrim panel on Eclipsemovie.org.

Finally, here's a really good article on Pajiba.com covering the one Twilight panel that did take place during this year's con, which hosted popular fanfic authors of the series. Read it. It shows how we're not just a bunch of silly fangirls. :)
The Fansites and Steph

The mods of several popular fansites were recently invited to pick the brain of author Stephenie Meyer. Transcripts and audio of the interviews can be found on the following links:

Twilight Series Theories.
Letters to Twilight.
Twilight Source's photos with Stephenie Meyer.
Twifans: Twifans Stephenie Interview Teaser :: Twifans meet Steph :: Steph re: Midnight Sun :: Steph, Fanfiction, and "Breaking Down" (her own Breaking Dawn fanfic).

Stephenie's favorite Eclipse flashback scene, how she feels about Fred and Bree, which fans she worries about, and if we'll ever see her do Midnight Sun anytime soon.


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