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Sureseats.com's MPass Promo

Ayala Malls has an ongoing Eclipse promo for their MPass users through their SURESEATS ticketing site. It ends July 20, which is basically in two days (oops) so we hope if you are an MPass card user, you were able to participate when you bought your tickets for Eclipse.

The promo questions and mechanics can only be accessed by Sureseats members and naturally, only MPass users can join so unless you're registered on the site, you won't be able to see the details. (CdL had to copy-paste the information below for us. :P)

For those who joined, good luck! The Esprit watches are SO pretty!

Promo Mechanics:

1. This promo is exclusive for M-Pass cardholders.
2. Promo duration is from July 6 – 20, 2010.
3. M-Pass cardholders must key-in their M-Pass card no. and answer the questions about the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse posted at SureSeats.com and win Esprit watches.
4. The prizes are:
* 2 pcs of Eclipse Gift Set 1
* 2 pcs of Eclipse Gift Set 2
* 5 pcs of Esprit Watch ES101812001
* 5 pcs of Esprit Watch ES102002002
* 3 pcs of Esprit Watch WES100492003
* 2 pcs of Esprit Watch ES100082002
* 2 pcs of Esprit Watch ES000M02905
5. The first twenty-one (21) valid M-Pass cardholders who answered all of the questions correctly will win the Esprit watches.
6. The prizes are to be given according to the order specified above.
7. The name of the winners will be posted at sureseats.com on July 23, 2010.
8. Winners will be notified via their mobile numbers registered in the SureSeats website.
9. Only one (1) entry is accepted per M-Pass account. Two or more entries will make the M-Pass account disqualified from the promotion.
10. Invalid M-Pass card no. will result to void entry.


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