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TCP Merchandise: The TCP Jacket

Eclipse season is not yet over, and TCP is yet to give you more.

After a successful run of button pins, TCP is now offering apparel. Showcase your membership to TCP by ordering the TCP Jacket!

The TCP Jacket is made with black microfibre cloth, accented with red strips on the side and the collar, and is lined with soft black cloth for an easy slip. Embroidered in front of the jacket is the TCP logo. It's the perfect complement to your school or office uniform, and can be worn when strolling the mall.

The TCP Jacket costs only Php1350, and you can order it by sending the following information: [Full name, Cellphone number & Size (please refer to size chart)] to tcpjacket@gmail.com.

A Note: The sizes are considerably larger than usual (XS is the usual M). Please take measurements to be sure.

A minimum number of orders is needed to jump-start production, so we will be accepting orders until August 30, 2010. If the minimum number is reached, you will receive on the 1st week of September an email containing all information from payment details to claiming concerns and a text message alerting you of the email.

This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for following us for the past 2 years. Order now, and wear this on your next Twilight or TCP event.


  1. thansher said...

    wow! this is nice.. I want to order one so that I can be an official TCP member. teehee!

    I just to ask, as soon as I confirmed my order when will you require the payment?

    kuddos to TCP ^_^

  2. MissMilcah37 said...

    Looks awesome! =D Pagiipunan ko! Hehe!

  3. resident_nutty said...

    @thansher we will know by Aug30 if we have met the minimum orders (which is 15 orders, we have around 7 so far in our list). If we have at least 15 orders by Aug 30, we will contact you asap regarding the payment deadlines (the deadline would probably be around 2 wks after Aug 30)

  4. Anonymous said...

    will definitely order one :)

  5. Meisha said...

    Am I included among the 7 in your list? I listed my name during the Eclipse Book Review at Greenbelt Powerbooks. :) ---Meisha

  6. Melody said...

    sorry about the multiple send of comments :)... -'meisha'

    just use the meisha.. not my email add... thank you... God bless :)

  7. TCP said...

    @Meisha/Melody Yes, you are part of the 7... thanks again for signing up!

    We've already encoded the data of those who signed up during (1) Fire & Ice Backtrack at Powerbooks Greenbelt and (2) The TCP Eclipse Block Screening at Greenbelt 3.

  8. ybetlovescullen said...

    love this! i'll ask dad first if he can buy me.;)

  9. Jacke said...

    Hi! Uhm, how about international orders?

  10. TCP said...

    @Jacke - We'll talk about that... If we decide we can, you'll be the one to shoulder shipping costs, in addition to the jacket's original price.

  11. Nina :-) said...

    i want to get this :-D

  12. Anonymous said...

    hi! is this still available? :)

  13. Wella Cullen :) said...

    Is this still available? :)

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