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News Round-Up: 19 October 2010


For those of you who haven't been following us on Twitter, we've been told by the distributors that the release date for the local version of the Eclipse DVD is on December 6, 2010. If there are any changes, we'll post it here. For sure, it'll definitely end up on our twitter feed first since it's faster. :) If you don't have twitter accounts, you can go here or just check out this blog and browse our recent tweets on the right side.

Also, Astrovision/Astroplus is offering the Eclipse DVD up for pre-order until November 2010. You will need to give a 200PHP downpayment, and there will be a free desk calendar or poster upon claiming. The stores are also raffling off 20 Eclipse DVDs. You are entitled to one raffle coupon for every 125PHP single receipt purchase in any Astrovision/Astroplus branch. The draw date is on November 12, 2010.

Thanks to @emotionalgeek over on Twitter for the info about the Astrovision promos!


In connection with the DVD, Wrigley's in the US recently had an Eclipse promotion. Fans who have participated have been wonderful to share the video footage they unlocked. I'm sure these will be in the DVD, but if you can't wait, here's The Cullens and Bella's Choice on EclipseMovie.org.

I'm still kinda lazy about posting a longer feature about the new additions to the Breaking Dawn cast, but until then here are some other news bits that came up over the past weeks:

Kristen Stewart says that BD will change people's minds about Bella Swan on the LATimes. Also, on ETOnline: "I can't wait to see the baby." She talks a bit more during her interview with MTV Rough Cut: BD Updates :: "I haven't met my daughter yet." (And yes, people, she says there's gonna be feathers.)

Jackson Rathbone has expressed his opinion about Breaking Dawn in 3D:
"The 3-D world's more for that kind of action epic kind of quality, and that definitely is in the Twilight series, but I think it's more so about the connections we make in life. And I think that doesn't really...you don't need 3-D to show that. You just need to look into...you know, when Rob and Kristen look at each other as Edward and Bella and that spark happens, you don't need 3-D for that."
I agree. For the whole article (which also includes producer Wyck Godfrey's take on the 3D bit), check out About.com.

Jackson was also at the Scream Awards last week with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed to accept the award for Best Fantasy Movie for Eclipse. Kristen received the award for Best Fantasy Actress. Robert Pattinson, though not present, also won Best Fantasy Actor. Xavier Samuel ("Riley") won Breakout Male Performance. (Sources: RobPattzNews. NYDailyNews. HitFix.) Congratulations!

From the Scream Awards, we now move on to People's Choice, which is currently asking for nominations. And we can vote! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is up for Favorite Movie and Favorite Drama Movie, Rob and Taylor for Favorite Movie Actor, and Kristen for Favorite Movie Actress. The trio are also in the shortlist for Favorite OnScreen Team and Favorite Movie Star Under 25. Go here for the nominations. (By the way, we can vote as guests.)

And since it's almost Halloween and you're probably thinking of something to wear for your office costume parties, here are some Twilight Costume Guides and one for dressing up like Rob and Kristen by Twilight Poison.


  1. Anonymous said...

    i really want to have a twilight calendar so badly!

  2. Liam said...

    @minamic: Change the date to "19 October 2010." :P

  3. tmlaureta said...

    Uhm. Bakit po parang late ang release nung dvd ng Eclipse?

  4. minamic said...


    you mean, in general? because the DVD will be released in the US around the same time. December 4, I think. We'll just be behind by a little less than two days if the December 6 release pushes through.

  5. Anonymous said...

    UK will have the Eclipse DVD on Dec 6, so sabay tayo sa UK. I'm fine by that. Pero my birthday is on the week BEFORE. Sayang!

  6. jec said...

    hanggang kelan lang po yung reservation?
    pwede pa bang magpareserve?

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