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Danag Ep 23 Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Kim (kymishcullen) for winning TCP's Danag Episode 23 Contest! She will receive a Twilight Care Package consisting of books, posters, and other Twilight merchandise. Please wait for the confirmation e-mail for details on how to claim your prize.

As a refresher, here's the question posed and the winning entry for Danag Ep23:

What do you like most about the Eclipse movie? (max. of 5 sentences)

What I liked most about the movie is how the official soundtrack was used in the film. Frankly, it was very hard to listen to because it is "too indie" for me. At the most, I liked 3 songs out of the album but after watching the movie for a bunch of times, the songs made its mark to me. Together with my favorite scenes, the rhythm and style deeply influenced the mood and impact of it (Jacob with the motorcycle+the music is the scene where somehow, for a millisecond, that I turned team Jacob lol). It conveys more emotion than the previous movies and it represented the characters feelings very well.
Thanks to everyone who sent in entries to the contest, and keep checking back here for more opportunities to win Twilight goodies!


  1. kymishcullen said...

    Yey!! I won! I won!! :))

    Thanks TCP!! :))

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