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Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer Released by MTV

What's one of the best things to wake up to? How about a teaser trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 1 courtesy of MTV? Granted, it only runs 15 seconds, but, it's a glimpse of the wedding scene! And, Edward/Rob in a tux! Yes, you may die of giddiness now.

You can watch it here on MTV.com or here's a Youtube version via Spunk-ransom.com.

If you can't get enough, MTV has announced that Rob, Kristen and Taylor will be presenting an exclusive (and hopefully longer) clip of the movie at this weekend's MTV Movie Awards.

MTV Movie Awards 2011 MTV Asia Schedule

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards is June 5 in the U.S. Fortunately, MTV Asia has posted a schedule on their site!

Monday, 06 June LIVE!
8am (WIB), 9am (SG/HK/PHIL)

Monday, 06 June
7pm (WIB), 8pm (SG/HK/PHIL), 9pm (MAL)

Tuesday, 07 June
10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG/HK/PHIL), Midnight (MAL)

Wednesday, 08 June
9am (WIB), 10am (SG/HK/PHIL), 11am (MAL)

Thursday, 09 June
8pm (WIB), 9pm (SG/HK/PHIL), 10pm (MAL)

Friday, 10 June
4pm (WIB), 5pm (SG/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)

Saturday, 11 June
11am & 7pm (WIB), 12pm & 8pm (SG/HK/PHIL), 1pm & 9pm (MAL)

Sunday, 12 June
2pm (WIB), 3pm (SG/HK/PHIL), 4pm (MAL)

MTV is on Channel 66 on Skycable.

If you haven't been following us on twitter, then you might have missed our my incessant posts about voting for, yes, Eclipse. Naturally, we're in quite a number of categories again, and, considering that even the nominations were voted on and we snagged the most nods, that doesn't mean we fans should be complacent! LOL. We've got extreme competition from Harry Potter, Inception, Social Network, and even, Black Swan. There's still time so: Vote vote vote!


  1. Anonymous said...

    hi! i'm so glad I found your post. i live in Iloilo City and we're on Sky Cable. I really really want to watch the 2011 MTV Movie Awards but there's just no MTV channel on our tv. I tried channel 66 but that didn't work either. Is there another channel that may be broadcasting the show? Please help! Thank you.

  2. Minamic said...

    Hi! I'm sorry, I have no idea about another channel for mtv on skycable. You can try downloading a copy of the show over torrent though or you can check out mtv's videos of the show's highlights. The links are on our recent blog post. :) - minamic

  3. Unknown said...

    Breaking dawn is definitely one of the most awaited movie of the year.

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