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Breaking Dawn Trailer Debut

After a couple of slip-ups where people were able to view the teaser trailer earlier (oops), the first look at November's movie, Breaking Dawn, was released on IMDb. It gave us glimpses of:

  • The INVITE! -- Here's a closer look at Edward & Bella's wedding invitation from MTV.
  • A WEDDING! (and who was lucky enough to be on that darn guest list...)
  • People freaking out over the wedding.
  • More of the honeymoon! (Rio! Breaking headboards! Water kisses!)
  • STILL MORE of the honeymoon. (Really, people, just watch it.)
  • And yes, it also presented a bit of THAT part in Breaking Dawn that had our eyes bugged out and we screamed, "WHAAAT?!"
Of course, you know what I mean about the last part.

You can watch the EXCLUSIVE, and I'm assuming OFFICIAL, ONLINE TRAILER DEBUT here on IMDb. How excited are we???


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