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A Friendly Reminder Regarding "Breaking Dawn" Screenings

It's that time again, Twilighters! "Breaking Dawn Part 1" is just around the corner, and you are probably starting to come across lots and lots of ads for special screenings and promos for the movie.

But before you decide to buy any tickets, please take note of the terms associated with these special screenings and their definitions.

A "Premiere" showing of a film is normally sponsored or endorsed by the Official Distributor of the film (in our case, Pioneer/Cinestar Films) or their cinema/merchandising partner. It's usually the first screening of a film in a particular country, and is scheduled before the national opening release date. Tickets to a Premiere rarely go on sale, as the screenings are usually By Invitation (Press / VIPs / special guests). If anyone sells you a "premiere" ticket, verify the authenticity with the cinema where the screening will be held and ask them if tickets are really for sale.

An "Advance Screening" may be sponsored by a cinema or an organization/company, and is usually scheduled a day or two before the opening release date. Tickets to an Advance Screening usually sell for higher than the general admission price, as the organizers normally use these as fundraisers. The rights to screen the film early are also costly.

A "Special Midnight Screening" is normally held by cinemas on midnight of the opening release date. Tickets to these screenings usually cost the same as a regular screening ticket as, technically, you're already paying for a regular screening anyway.

A "Block Screening", such as the one TCP is sponsoring, is normally scheduled during the first regular screening day or throughout the opening weekend. Organizers reserve all the seats in a theater and sell tickets. These are usually company screenings for employees or fundraisers by smaller organizations. Or screenings where a bunch of fans just want the theater all to themselves so they can squee to their hearts' content without anyone judging them. ;)

Remember: The Philippine Release Date of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" is Friday, 18 November.

Please take note of the distinctions as some ticket sellers may falsely advertise their events (consciously or unconsciously).

If you come across any ads and want to make sure they are legitimate events, send us the link or details and we can look into them for you. All the promos and ads that we put on the TCP Blog and social networks have been previously verified with credible sources if they weren't sent to us by the legitimate organizers/advertisers.


  1. MissMilcah37 said...

    Hi guys! I wanted to ask if this is legit.. =]


  2. Clair de Lune said...

    @Milcah: We've seen it and are currently looking into it. :)

  3. minamic said...

    @Milcah: It seems legit as I know someone who already paid for and received her tickets for it. However, I have my doubts as to their use of the words "gala premiere" instead of "advanced screening", to be honest, since we understand premieres to be mostly by invite only events.

  4. MissMilcah37 said...

    Yea, that's what I was thinking.. Misuse lang siguro ng word.. I checked their sponsors, all the official websites naman are promoting it din. And as I recall, Rigen Courier also sponsored a screening for Eclipse. =] Hopefully ok 'tong sa Breaking Dawn nila. Thanks for checking! =D

  5. MissMilcah37 said...

    Ohh and heads up to another promo! =]


  6. minamic said...

    Cool. Thanks Milcah! :)

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