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Summit's Twilight Time Capsule

As the movies for the Twilight Saga are slowly winding down, Summit Entertainment has decided to create an interactive experience shaped around the fans, the reason why the series has become the phenomenal franchise it is today.

It's called the Twilight Time Capsule, a flash-based site that lets people share photos, videos and comments about being part of the huge Twi-fandom. So far, there have been photos of collections of Twilight items, fanvids and lots and lots of tweets on the books and movies.

The site submissions can be organized via timeline (from when the first movie was released in 2008) and incorporates popular social and media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket and Instagram, so it's easy to post and log in.

Instructions are accompanied by a welcome/demo video narrated by Nikki Reed (Rosalie).
I think it's great that Summit was able to think up a fan-centric site. Kind of wondering how they're going to accommodate all the submissions though, and if they're going to take all the data and seal it under the ground somewhere like a traditional time capsule for future generations to discover. Anyway, you can access the Twilight Time Capsule at www.twilighttimecapsule.com


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