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Urgent! Ticket Claiming for New Moon Screening is Cancelled Today

UPDATE (10/31) 7:04PM: The claimers for Oct. 31 must claim their tickets on Nov. 7, same time and venue as was instructed. Kindly inform us beforehand if you're going to give up some/all of your tickets in case we can already invite some in the wait list to this claiming date. Thanks!

Hey guys. We've decided to cancel today's ticket claiming for our TCP New Moon screening on account of the bad weather. (Been up since 4am and power's out here in the south.) You should also be receiving a text message from Mabelle, for those who won't be able to read this blog post.

We'll inform you when the new schedule for ticket claiming is going to be.

Until then, be safe, everyone.

- TCP Admins
Daene, Mabelle, Clair de Lune, Minami


  1. wolffia said...

    is it true that Podium will have a premiere on the 19th for New Moon? a friend told me this, and that she got this news from MTV.

  2. minamic said...


    We have no info on this but it's possible since most advanced screenings and premieres are supposedly scheduled on the 19th. However, we don't know if they will be available for the public or kept within the entity sponsoring the screening.

  3. resident_nutty said...

    @wolffia saw the ad this morning. this premiere is c/o MTV, and probably via invite. i think it says in the ad to obtain more info through their site. so far we cannot find the info online :(

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